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Why cant you see a bacteria with your naked eye?
bacteria as in the stuff that makes you sick

they are way too small to see. but, if you could see one would you really want to see gross little organisms all over everything. that would just freak me out.

Bacteria are really small! There are lots of things you cannot see with the 'naked eye.' There are lots of things much smaller than we can see. I am guessing this is meant to be funny. On the other hand, there are many people I can see that are smaller than the littlest bacteria..so I have no answer for you. (and not to be picky, A bacteria?? is really A Bacterium. Bacteria is plural. Actually, that was picky, wasn't it??? :-)

Because it is microscopic meaning that it is too small to be seen by the naked eye but large enough to be studied under a microscope. It has to be so small to be able to enter into the bloodstream for example and the smaller it is the more capable it is entering into an organism form any entry level.

uuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm? because you need to press down harder on the invisible microscope infront of your face.

too small

Terry The Terrible
actually, the biggest germ IS visible to the naked eye.
plus there is mold which is bacteria which is avaliable to the naked eye.

you aren't serious are you...?

because they are so small they need to be only seen under a micrscope when at a zoom of maybe 100 or 500x

Because theyre really good at hiding.. And they know when youre about to look.

It's microscopic.

Because its incredibly small and our eyes just aren't powerful enough.
Should have a word with God about that one.

Smiling Face
Because you have to dress your eye to see it

Because bacteria is a tiny microscopic organism too small to see without magnification.
Even if you pile up billions of them into one space, it is still too small to see.

Although apparently larger than your cerebrum, bacteria is generally too small for the naked eye because the way it sustains life is by being able to enter a cell and consume it from within.

i dont know but i bet you got bacteria on your naked *** [butt]

i see the smell

Did you say you were naked?

cause they're 2 small

Because it's really just a myth, started by mothers to get their kids to wash their hands.


Your eyes don't have enough resolution to see something that small.

The Foosaaaah
Too small.

Most of them are too small to see. The very biggest ones (I forget what they are called, but you can search on 'largest bacteria') are the size of the period at the end of this sentence. So you can just barely see some of them with your naked eye. Not well enough to make out any details, though. But you can impress your friends and get your eye doctor to give you a free exam by telling them that you can see bacteria without any magnifiers.

you can see bacteria with your eyes once it has multiplied! like mold on cheese.

one single cell is simply too small for the naked eye to see thats why its classed as microscopic. the eyes cannot physically focus on objects that small

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