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Why am I still tired after 8 or 9 hours of sleep.?

8 hrs sleep is enough for a healthy person.so still u feel tried then personnally and mentally u have to be free of all types of tensions .am sure u won't be much tried off after that..cool

your not sleeping right. when you sleep you may toss and turn causing you to not sleep deeply so you arnt getting the right amout of sleep. i did that till i dot my air bed the sleep number bed i would sleep for like 10 hours and wake up tired now i sleep for 7 hours and i feel great and no i dont work for them

Singaporean Youth ( Male )
Airconditioner should be set in your comfortable temperature. All curtains closed down. No lights at all. Comfortable bed and pillows and a fine blanket. Go to sleep properly and before an hour you sleep drink 1 litre of purified chilled drinking water. :) This helps in getting you a sound sleep. I guarantee. If this idea proves to be successful ... do sms or phone me buddy. +6581610742 ... This is my cellphone number. Make sure you have International Dialing Facility.

You might be depressed. Or you simply need vitamins. Is your life physically or emotionally hard right now? Good food and laughing will usually fix anything (really).

There are many possible reasons for feeling tired after 8-9hrs of sleep. It could be from depression,your bed, or simply that you have too much sleep.

try to drink some Green Tea and eat lots of fruits and veggies. thats the best "pick me up" remedy. for some ppl anyways. hope it works

maybe you smoke too much weed or you dont smoke enough weed

Everyone is different. You can sleep too much ya know. If I sleep for 8 hours I am exhausted all day but if I get 5-6 hours then I am good. Plus it could be the quality of sleep you are getting.

i dont know, i have the same problem. good luck tho.

Perhaps you have an underlying health issue which is causing you to feel sleepy.Get evaluated by a good doctor to rule anything out.You might also want to look at something called CFIDS CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME.Make sure you are eating right,and try to be in bed by 10 pm,phase out all light from your room as well.

I Study Herbs
My guess is that either you aren't getting high-quality sleep (because of noise, light or you're snoring or uncomfortable, etc.) or you're waking at an awkward time in your sleep cycle.

The more I sleep (even 8 or 9 hours) the more tired I am. I'm better off getting 6-7 hours. Everyone is different. Also, some people are just more suited to late nights late mornings instead of early to bed early to rise.
There are health issues that can cause exhaustion/tiredness...make sure you get a physical.
ALso...if you have a sleep disorder like apnea, sleep walking, ect...you may not get quality sleep.

Maybe u cant sleep as deep as u need,or u need more,like me,abt 10-12 hrs /day.Its also normal. Try to sleep more,but if u cant,plz try to sleep more relaxing area.Wish u the best!

Because either you were so exhausted that you need more sleep or ........You body is actually tired of sleeping. You could be sleeping to much.

Jinx U
It could be a lot of things. Maybe your quality of sleep isn't what it should be for some reason (noise, light, need a new mattress, partner snoring, sleep apnea, ect). Maybe you have chronic fatigue syndrome. Maybe you're depressed. Maybe you have Lyme's disease...

Start by taking a good hard look at the area you sleep in. Is it dark, quiet, and comfortable? How's the air quality? Is your mattress older than you are? (If the answer is yes, that might be your problem right there.)

Other than that, I'd suggest bringing up the subject with your doctor. Exhaustion could be an indicator of a lot of different things, so taking a look at your overall health will help put this particular problem in context.

In the meantime, try taking some valarian root. It's an herbal supplement that'll help improve your sleep - it's non-habit forming, too. I've used it before with no trouble.

Good luck!!

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