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Pradeep A
Which drink is comparatively better for health? beer, whisky, rum, Brandy, zin or vodka?

beer is good for health; at the same time whisky a single peg per day is good hor heart

kareena b
no drinking......best for health
moderate drinking.....comparitively better

El Recio
I will not pick any of those... but i will get a bottle of Pisco (It is from Peru).

None--I have been drinking for the last 26 years and found all the drinks to be waste of money, waste of energy, waste of self respect..etc.

The best drinks for health is Coconut water, Lemon water, Milk, fruit juices, and importantly butter milk.... My long experience say so...


I would have have to say that Beer is better because it is not that hard on the body and believe it or not it helps the urinary Tract.



wht a Sharabi qsn... try ths one...its amore practical...r u kidding or seriously askin...Alcohals r Injurios to Health...


In moderation, beer is. Vodka is not much more than a 50% solution of ethanol in water. Wine in moderation is probably best. Of those you listed beer is not distilled which leaves any good health benefits in the beer. The others are distilled which removes them but increases the alcohol content. I hope this helps.

If not used in moderation, they are all very bad for your health. There are a lot of cases of liver failure from too much alcohol in addition to other problems.

Goodguy 4
drink WATER

Betty L
Beer is in moderation, it will flush your kidneys and bladder. And doctors prescribe beer for the people that don't eat good. It makes you have an appetite. Really

red wine its very good for heart

glasgow girl
none of the above, the only drink that is beneficial to your health is 1 glass of red wine per day, for women red wine is good for keeping your estrogen level as opposed to taking estrogen medication. it is also beneficial on maintaing good cholestorol.

All alcohol has some benefit if it is taken in moderation. For men that is two drinks, women, one drink. Red wine has an advantage because of the tannins in the grapes. The help to prevent blood platelets from sticking together.

Depends what your main concern is.
For heart health, 1-2 glasses of red wine per day is very healthy.

For low-carb diets/diabetic concerns, clear spirits are best---vodka, gin, mixed with no-calorie diet mixers.

No more than 1-2 drinks per day, though. Within that limit, many people have good health benefits. Once you go over that, the risks start to out-weigh the benefits.

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