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Whats the quickest way to get cocaine and THC out of your system?

<3 Anna <3
Just quit doing it! OR don't start in the first place!!!

and why do you need to know this?

How about....don't use it!

dont put it there to begin with

Not doing it is a good start.

By not taking it at all!!!

Don't take it in the first place. Duh!!!

By not ruining your life with it in the first place! keep it out of your body!

whats the best drug?

Lipo suction and a blood transfusion.

Slower would be weight loss in general (THC) and nothing else but time for Cocaine.

But, if you just want to avoid detection for THC (which is fat soluble and is largely stored in fat long term) you might actually add a few pounds. It's still in your system, but the hope is that by making more fat, what's circulating will get picked up and the amount in blood (and hence urine) will fall.

But, over all time is the answer. One cannot rush a good wiskey and neither can one rush one's own body in these things.

There's no fast way to get THC out of your system. It gets absorbed into body fat then slowly released. As far as Cocaine, I think it is in and out in a couple days. I assume you are trying to pass a drug test. You probably ought to just not do drugs. I don't know what life you think you are going to end up with when you are doing Cocaine.

go to the headshop and buy a detox kit. and don't use coke or thc. This can work in an hour.because if its for a test nothing else that I know of will work.

drink plenty of water buy some Niacin from the GNC

Well Cocaine stays in your system fo 3 days I think depends on how much u take in and THC(Acid right?) well if its acid that stays in ur spine. the rest is ur business do wat u do n good luck.

People, saying stuff like "dont do it in the first place" does not help at all.

Ok, first off, it is going to be a very long and strenuous road. Crack is really hard to work through. You need to get tons of rest and excorsize, and stay on a healthy diet. Be with clean friends and family members. It's going to be really hard, but you can do it. Fighting an addiction is a difficult task, but if you truely commit, you will be able to overcome it, and I am proud that you are willing to do this. Good luck! :]

there is a lot of different ways.i think the best way is too drink a lot of coffee or tea.you want to do this till your urine is clear.if you are in a pitch try a glass of milk with a cupful bleach in it,but be careful with that it can really make your stomach upset

"Sure Darla!"
I would assume that drinking large quantities of water would help you out of the intoxication.

Please get help for your drug problem ASAP

I care about you.

Aussie male
Watch Scarface,tony Montana has all the answers.Whose on the ya-yo.I had some coke on the weekend,it was cut so much i thought it was sugar,f..king dealers

Bear Naked
Exercise and time....Figure on at least 14 days if you are not over wieght and it stays in your hair until you cut it off

go 2 one of those detox places that take oll toxins out of ur body and get ur system cleaned out.

I've recommended this site to some other people like yourself.

drink a lot of water

lot's and lot's of water. Cranberry juice is also a big help to flush out your system. it's recommended for use when you have a bladder infection, because it flushes the system so well.

Coke will dissipate form your system in 3 days. And just like everything else, drink a lot of water and vinegar.

Eat a healthy diet; slightly acidic. Drink lots of water. Exercise for no less than 30 minutes every day.

er, please don't drink any bleach. a cup of bleach will likely kill you. even quicker than the coke.

i passed by drinking a jar full of pickle juice once - and gallons of water, over about 5 days. i suspect that it's the vinegar, as the above person said. also, coke's not my thing, so i don't know if it'd work for that.

if you need a quick fix, head shops have expensive but fast-acting drinks.

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