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What will happen if you do not eat fruits or vegetables?
i am 13 and i do not eat any fruits and i only eat about three vegtables. and i want no what will happen if i do not eat fruits or vegetables?
Additional Details
i also do not like the way the tast and i never at fruits because i think they are nasty and my mom and dad does not make me eat them because i do not like them.

Fruits and vegetables are good for you. Your body requires the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are in them. Also, not eating them can cause constipation(no poop). This can be bad for you. Veggies fight against cancer. Eating too much snack foods and even breads, pastas,etc. can cause weight gain. Vegs have good carbs and keep you healthy. Fruit has vit. you need and fight illnesses too. So explore and enjoy.

You will first look terrible and have no energy. Then you suffer from various health problems and then...you will die. sorry but its true.

Giggle Monster
That is so unhealthy!! You need to start. Do you eat tons of fat and sugar? if so, you are just damaging your body, cloging arteries, and setting your body for some serious diseases, and probably start gaining some extra pounds. Especially when you are at a rapid growth pace(as 13 year olds are) you need to be eating healthy. Your body can't function without the great things fruits and veggies provide. and don't you fel so yucky and lifeless? They actually taste really good, I eat em al the time!

you will get sick and your body will stop working/looking properly...

Savy Connie
Not a good thing to do sweetie. You need the veggies and fruits because they have vitamins and nutrients that will help someoe like yourself grow and stay healthy. Listen to mom and dad, EAT YOUR VEGGIES AND FRUITS!

yeah, what they said, plus probably constipation

Sailors sometimes get "scurvy" which is a condition like some have described to you because they are at sea for long periods with fruits or veggies available to them.

If you do not eat fruits and vegetables your body is going to miss out on antioxidents,minerals,vitamins and many more anti cancer compounds.It is not possible to be healthy without vegetables!

Hi ,
For our body fibers are very important. Like oil for cars.
Veg and fruits are good source of Vitamins and minerals , fibers. Any food that dont have fiber is junk.
know more about fruits

Fruits and vegetables are the main source of certain vitamins and anti-oxidants in your diet. Without them, free radicals build up in your body (particularly if you eat junk food and drink soda of any kind). The free radicals, over time, will give you heart disease, diabetes, cancer and alzheimers....not to mention your general health over your lifetime will be poor.

well you need the vitamins from fruits and vegetables to look your best and feel your best.
***** Try taking a multi-vitamin and drinking a glass of fruit or vegetable juice.*****
keep trying fruits and vegetables and fruits though your bodies taste does change.
It doesn't take but a 8oz. glass of juice aday.

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