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I have even used citronella oil and candles but still get bitten.....

I ...

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we have tried all the over the counter remedies. milk of magnesia, rennie deflateze things but to no avail.

any suggestions or good old fashioned cures?...

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 Does more sleep make you more tired?

Additional Details
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i about 30 on each arm and 50 on each leg? maybe more?
i got them some time on saturday and they appeared sunday morning? when will they completly heal and dissapear!...

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What are the side effects?
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 What is a good natual antidepresant?

 Belly button pierced...?
I had my belly button pierced over 7 weeks ago, and it is not healing well.....I apply Bactine (an antiseptic) and recently started applying an ointment w/ antibiotic on it but am somewhat concern...H...

What is the best way to remove a bandage?
I currently have a bandage on thats waterproof and really doesnt want to come off! Any tips??

Bob Danvers-Walker

put vinegar to slide it off

I say hold your breath and rip it off!

chiken nugget
oh so bandages are now water proof. try soaking the whole thing in water. hot water may be best, dont make it so hot that it burns you, duh. and itll pobably melt some of that sticky stuff. then it should be easy to peel off.

Here are a few tips to ease the pain of taking a bandage off.

rub it off with running water

as fast as you can rip it off.

Texine W
baby oil

Maybe stick it in a hot shower... The steam will Loosen up the glue.

flap up one of the sides and then just rip it off really fast!

ok...strage!!! OK this is what you do thake a warm cloth put the cloth on your bandage than pressure it on your bandage than rip it of really quickly!!! if that dsn't work go see a doctor!!! i hope it works for you!
xoxo Jeeenz xoxo

You can soak it in warm water and slowly peel it off. Even though its water proof, the water eventually takes its action and will help.
You can also apply some Vaseline to the bandage that you got lose and work it in to the none lose sections. This will spread and help you to remove the bandage.

u could rub soap on it then it becomes slippery and u can take it off

take warm showers with the bandage on and put some cream around the area. try to open up from a corner - but do not overdo it. leave it "flap open" for a couple days - it will start curling up / drying up and come off easily

Continue to soak it and pry up a corner of it while under warm water. Then pull securely and firmly in a semi swift motion.

just go nice and slow if it hurts too much yank it off nice and fast and the pain will be gone shortly i just ripped one off my ankle myself hope were it is won't hurt too much good luck!

oil, any kind, olive oil or vegi oil ... wd 40

it will dissolve the adhesive and allow the bandage to be removed without pulling off the scab.

Peel it off with your two hands!

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