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What is the best thing to put on a burn?
What is the best thing to put on a burn? I was taking a cookie sheet out of my oven after it had cooked on 450* for 25 minutes. It burned my stomic because I wasn't wearing a shirt and the pot holder slipped off of my hand, and the pan burnt my stomic. It has been very sore for 3 days since I did it, and I was wondering what besides regular aloe will make it better?

Serendipity III
They have ointments for burns at the drug store. They elp numb the pain a bit.

I hope you feel better soon.

You've left it late and may have done the wrong thing by applying aloe - or anything else except ice, ice, and more ice. I'm sorry to give you that news, but any burn that looks superficial and doesn't cover a large area or is caused by chemicals should be home-treated by making it very, very cold for quite a long time. (If you don't have ice or it's not convenient, a bag of frozen peas of whatever similar you have in the freezer. But anything that has fat/grease in it will actually get cooked by the heat of the burn and make it worse.

Given that you've left it three days, the only sensible thing to do it to cover it with clean cloth (nothing else) and get yourself off to your doctor or emergency room quickly. It could get infected or goodness knows what. Good luck.

back in the day my brother burned his hand real bad and my grandma put butter on it
otherwise there are burn creams you can use

I don't know. I did the same thing on Easter of this year, and still have a scar! I think I'll have it for life... *sigh*

I kept running it under cold water, as much as I could. I did that to numb it. Then, it blistered and filled and popped. Nasty, I know. But it did this over and over again until I ripped it off during lunch. Nasty again. And it bled sometimes at night. Just randomly.

Since you're not supposed to pop blisters, I kept removing the dead skin. Yeah, I don't know if you should do that, but I did. Then I put Neosporin on it and covered it up with a band aid.

I didn't take anything for the pain. I just lived through it!

Moral of the story: seek medical attention and don't try to do that yourself. Go to the doctor! I now have a scar... that I hate... and still looks digusting... maybe he can do something for you!

swept away in hopes
I have done that many times at work and actually with a burn injury you are supposed to just let a dry piece of gauze which you can pick up at a local drug store. Do not put anything moist on because it will scare and leave it moist and if it stays moist from antibiotics, it will take longer to heal and start a blister.

Neosporin with pain relief has been better for pain on burns in my experience and is comparable on healing.

Rebby H
Polysporin for burns works great. At this point you shouldn't worry about bandages or anything though.

What's a stomic?? Stomach perhaps? Never put butter on a burn especially a new burn. It will trap the burn and cause it to burn into deeper layers of skin. The best first aid is to apply cool not cold water. Neosporin can help or any OTC burn treatment but Silvadene by prescription is best. I am wondering if after 3 days you aren't perhaps developing some infection.

Lion Head
Cold Water and a dry Dressing, dont use any ointments or creams they will only make it feel worse.

As you get a burn you should always dowse it in coldf water immediately.

However, if the burn is still sore and you notice blistering then you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Do NOT put butter on it. If it has already been three days it should be starting to heal. Just watch for any signs of infection. An ice pack several times a day should help make it feel better. Use an over-the-counter pain Reliever such as Ibuprofen or Advil or Tylenol if you have pain from the burn.

i keep a bottle of aloe vera gel in my fridge just for that !

read tips on skincare and home remedies that can help you more on this site

I use Neosporin Plus. It has a small amount of Lidocaine in it to kill pain, and it contains antibiotics to kill and/or prevent any infection

Thanks for the Yahoo Jacket
I always use Maiden Oil on burns.


I had a huge burn on my leg from camp like three years ago and my council put tomato paste on it and covered it with plastic wrap it was healed in about two weeks my mom does not know it even happened.

Uther Aurelianus
Unfortunately, without getting a prescription from your doctor for something, there's not much. I've seen burn sprays that are supposed to numb the area, but they don't last long at all.

Be careful of any "homeopathic" or herbal remedy. Most of those can actually be dangerous. One popular home remedy is putting butter on it. DON'T! This will actually promote bacteria growth and can lead to a severe infection. You want the area exposed to air as much as you can. This allows good healing.

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