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Brenda D
What is the best ointment to heal a burn FAST?

For about 20 dollars Estee Lauder has After Sun Care is terrific!

vicks vapor rub.
works for me!!!

I use aloe vera direct from the plant

Vicks Vapor Rub, you are kidding me? Don't use vicks vapor rub, it will only burn more, not to mention it's not on the market as a burn remedy. Look at the site the person posted about burn remedies.

Silvadine. Do not use anything with petroleum in it, it only burns more. Also cold water will lower your skin temp Cover the burn as the air will intensify the burning feeling.

aloevera jel direct from plant

one word Savlon.

Zinc and castor Oil based ointment, used on babies bottoms. Zinc promotes healing and being an ointment it will keep the area moist to protome moist wound healing. If you dry it out, the burn will end up scarring you. Also incorporate Vitamin C in your diet as well as protein for tissue repair. Good Luck.

Aloe Vera gel is good. Also use Cocoa butter when you start peeling

If you have insurance the doctor prescribed stuff works best.

Pure Aloe from the plant helps if you do it often.The vicks may burn worse I would not try that one.

Durablast from the pharmacy was recommended to me and it works good.

A cool bath in Epsom salts helps and I have heard pee helps too..........no kidding.

I have found swimming in salt water,ocean etc helps alot too as long as you don't get more sun burn.Try early morning or late evening.

Time is the best cure and prevention.

Cold compresses will always be good for burns. Apply them for the first 48 hours of your sunburn. Vinegar, aloe, baking soda, and cool oatmeal baths can also be effective home treatments to ease the discomfort.

Avoid applying petroleum jelly or lotions which can hold the heat intact the burned skin. However, Moisturizing lotions can be relieving. To alleviate the pain and swelling, patients may be asked to take Aspirin.

For unusual symptoms like fluid-filled blisters, fever, or dizziness, contact your nearest doctor for immediate medical assistance.

no ointment at all, use water! if you put creams on a burn they need up and make the burn worse! use water to cool it until it begins to be less sore and dryer! then use Calamine lotion to clear it up! although this will make you peel - but it'll clear up quickly.

I Believe In Harvey Dent
That site tells you everything you need to know
At CVS you can also buy a cold spray used for treating burns, but depending on the severity of the burn, you may not want to apply ANYTHING besides a gauze dressing..

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