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What is that yellow stuff i cough up and stinks really bad?
its little parts of something. someone once told me its part of my lung. but i dont smoke or anything.

Probably a low-grade bacterial infection, especially if you are a smoker. Go to a GP and get a checkup including a throat/sputum culture and sensitivity.

flem- fluid from your lungs, healthy people caugh it up from broncitus and phomenia

Mocha Choco Latte

its probably mucous (phlegm) that has been in cavities of your respiratory system for too long.. It stinks though? Dont ask us, go to a doctor...

its flem or basicly snot p.s. when you give a person a best answer comment then you will earn 3 pts so it wouls be nice


It is mucus. It is in your respiratory tract to help catch bacteria that you inhale. If it is yellow or greenish you probably have some kind of infection, pnuemonia if it is really green. You can either cough it up and spit it out or just swallow it, then your digestive tract will kill the bacteria and you will Digest-It. Yum!

Are you sure it's not pleghm? If you've been sniffing a lot lately, it's probably snot that dripped from your mucus membrane into your throat. The mucus irritates your throat, which causes you to cough it up. At this time of year, many people are prone to allergies, so this is normal for a huge percentage of the population right now.

I suggest you stop sniffing, and start blowing your nose whenever possible! Resist the urge! :-) The pollen everywhere right now is probably irritating your nose and causing it to get a little bit runny.

Of course, if these symptoms you're experiencing don't disappear after a week or two, I strongly suggest you see a doctor. Best of luck!

i would guess phlem, but it shouldnt have a smell.You must have a infection that needs to be checked out by a Dr..

its not part of the lung (or at least i hope not). its usually mucous that has been sitting in the lungs for a long time.

phlegm! i imagine, maybe you have had a cold recently and its just the remnants of it, but if you are really worried go see your doctor

Food can get stuck in or around your tonsils. Bacteria are pretty much always around in your mouth and they especially like that food stuck in your tonsils. Bacteria waste gives it the yellow color and awful smell. It isn't harmful to you as long as you keep up with daily oral hygiene. Try gargling with peroxide but DON'T SWALLOW IT. It works better on the tonsils than Listerine for some reason, although I still use Listerine for my teeth and gums.

Jayce's mommy

phlegm? it doesn't usually smell putrid though...

Thats nothing bad,
You cough mainly becoz you are affected by viral infection or by any other irritation

So our body itself gives us a protection mechanism in order to eliminate the bacterias and the substance which has caused irritation

That is nothing but MUCUS secreted by our mucus glands,rather it is not a body part

You may compare it to lacrimal secretion and not a body part itself as you think

Phlegm (pronounced /flɛm/) is a type of mucus produced by the respiratory system, excluding that from the nasal passages, and particularly that which is expelled by coughing (sputum).

"Healthy" phlegm is normally clear or white. Yellow phlegm is normally a sign of an infection. It's probably not serious but if it persist you should see a doctor.

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