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 Bee sting on my eyelid, HOW CAN I GET THE STINGER OUT?
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What happens if I swallowed at ant/ants?
Okay, this is kind of a silly question, but last night I went to sleep and when I woke up this morning, there were a bunch of ants all over my bed. I tried not to think about any going into my mouth and down my throat, but they probably did. I don't know. I did clean my bed and room, but later as I was washing my car and put my finger in my mouth ('cause I felt something), I actually did have a dead ant on my tongue. Eawww... So sick!

So what if an ant goes down your esophagus?
Any disease it may cause? Sickness? Can it go to the brain?

I am like such a health freak or lil' whiner that anything like that has me worried.

Any of you guys have any experience or know anything about what happens?

Is there anything I could take?

This is more serious than you think.

When you're asleep you have a reduced gag reflex,so something as small as an ant can easily climb all the way inside you.

Where it decides to make its new ant colony depends on many factors.They usually dont go for the brain as when you are lying down they naturally head downward as if they were in the earth.

But if they have started a colony in your brain you will very shortly start to hear funny sounds and have strange sensations in your body.

What you DONT want to do is go eating any ant poison,that would be very stupid.But id say drink a lot of milk,and if you suspect they might be in your brain then pour some milk into your ears.Sounds funny i know,but its serious.

If you dont stop the ants from spreading you could end up totally infested with ants.

Stop being silly.

you should be fine, ants are eatable

Your stomach acid should kill them... Soon you have ants in your pants:)

My friend swallowed an ant be4. Nothing's going to happen. But that must have gross.

rhumba girl
You Digest-It just as you would any food. Sometimes ants come in around windows, so you might want to get your parents to spray around the outside of the window so they won't come in there. Also, keep all food out of your room, especially foods containing sugar like soft drinks and candy.

Dont worry at all. It wouldnt hurt you to swallow an ant. In some places they eat them on purpose. There is no danger at all.

I ate cereal with a bunch of ants in it.

Shut up, i didnt know.

Its okay, alot of people eat ants.

Notorious Guy
You won't get any problem for that. IN Asia, Africa or even South America, Ant is one kind of food just similar to meat or fish. It is very common. That's why you no need worry too much.

In contrast, Ants are full of protein. That's why people enjoy to eat the deep fired ants

Nothing really they say bugs are good 4 U..I say Yukkkkkkk
Yes it is gross but put black pepper around your windows and doors they say it keeps them away.Good Luck

why were there ants in your bed

Ryan G
Nothing happens. Your stomach acid takes care of that. No worries

Dont freak out, you probably sub-consciously swallowed it in your sleep, and was melted by your stomach acids.

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