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 Do you need to put a bandaid on a burn?
My 13 year old just got a little burn on her finger, like the ones that turn into blisters. She is soaking it in ice water, but she is very anti-bandaid. Is it ok if she doesnt wear a bandaid on it?...

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The tick was small, red, and attached to my lower buttocks. I have two small, hard bumps in the same area.
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Is there any special bath or chemical that I can put on my ...

 Liquid bandage?
i need link to liquid bandage sites. when it was invented, by whom, etc. please hurry!...

 How do you get a blister to stop burning? PLEASE hurry!!?
I burned my finger with the glue from a hot glue gun, and i have a small blister but it burns ALOT!
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thanks alot!...

 I have severe pain in my lower back ,down the side of my left leg all the way to my foot ,?
i also have a crushing pain in my foot and sometimes tingling ,is it a siatic nerve
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i have been to the dr and had therepy and had an mri and a emg done , the results ...

 How long can a human be awake?

 Whats the quickest way to get rid of the cold??
i need to get better by ...

 Inner ear infection?
i keep getting a sudden feeling like im falling when im standing up straight and occasionally when im walking, i suddenly feel all spinny and drunk...i think it might be an inner ear infection? also,...

 How can I loose my weight ?

 Sore Throat?
How do you get rid of a sore throat without any medication, Just herbal remadies or natural soothers?...

 Are band aids only for kids and the ladies?
I get cuts and for some reason I feel like a wimp if I use a band, cause my father used to tease me alot, so I feel insecure at times. He would say stuff like there only for kids and women. So I ...

 Can somone help me. I am really close to doing something crazy.?
My wife cheated on me. I really need to talk with someone can you help me?
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Can I please talk with someone....=( I dont know what to do... =(...

 How to get this splinter out of my hand?
I got a piece of it out but there still a little piece inside my hand and i get to it...what should i do?...

 What are ways to improve the health of your kidney?

 How do I stop shaking?
I just drank a Starbucks coffee with 4 shots of espresso in it and now I can't stop twitching. HELP!...

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 Whats the best thing to happen to u today?

 My kids wont eat their dinner EVER how do you make kids eat???
Any ideas would be most welcome - have tried offering a wide variety of food verdict: = BLUGGHHH
Have tried starving them = and they seem to enjoy starving!!
Have tried healthy food and ...

 What's a good way to motivate yourself, when you don't want to do something?
I have Arthritis, and I tend to be very unmotivated. I need to eat hearlier, exercise, do good in school, but I seem to be lazy or something. I just don't feel like doing anything. Any tips?

MrsBloom's ATwi-hard
What do you think it means when your ear feels like its on fire?
Sometimes thats how my ear feels.

you may have an ear infection. Go to the docters.

Nerves, drinking booze, ear infection

and best one........ Old wives tale...
Someone is talking about you :-)

I cant help but think of a superstition Lol.. I heard when your ears feel like they are burning that somebody you know is down talking you behind your back and your suppose to rub your ears and say F*ck U..Lol.. Then the burning will stop Lol.. I get that feeling in my ears sometimes and don't want to believe in that superstition lol but i think it might just have something to do with the blood flow going thru the ear at the time. ha ha i dunno maybe just rub your ears.. see if it'll go away lol..

Could be an allergic reaction to something. Where you just laying on something?

Cat Loves LIN 300!
Sometimes it just happens for no real reason, but if it begins happening often it could be the precursor to an ear infection.

Is there someone annoying the hell out of you when it starts to hurt?

rash, infection, pimple or bug bite

When you say ear do you mean the outer part or inside the ear canal? Each of these would mean different things.

You probably have an ear infection.

for me I know i am getting really mad.....

fever? sun burn? your standing next to a fire?

You should really get yourself to a doctor. You might have an ear infection which could be causing the fire like feeling.

that i am hot...

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