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What could be causing nausea and food aversions when I smell strong odors?
I'm not pregnant. It seems like whenever there's food around, if I can smell it, I get incredibly nauseous. Last night, I vomited because of my friend's peanut butter and jelly sandwich that he was eating while sitting next to me. I also get nauseous when I'm not around food, like on my bike in traffic (exhaust) or when I'm in a store (cologne, soap, etc). Also, when I smell something, I get a horrible aversion to food that's around me. It's starting to irritate me because I can't eat at regular times because of the nausea. I've asked my doctor and she can't really give me a straight answer. Could it be a psychological issue?
Additional Details
Update: No, I'm not *sure* I'm not pregnant. I'm on birth control pills and take them regularly, so I'm really hoping I'm not pregnant.

Thanks. :(

Are you sure that you are not pregnant. Sounds to me like a good sign. At least thats how it was with me and my friends. How long has this been going on. If just for a few days, then maybe you are just having a slight stomache flu.

you could be pregnant that sound like exactly what my wife complained about.

It sure sounds like pregnancy to me!
However, I do know that petit mal seizures can be experienced in this way, also. I don't know how common or rare this is, but I do it if my seizure meds aren't well-controlled.
But it still sounds preggers to me!!

well as soon as I read your letter I thought u were pregnant - have u tested to see properly if u are or not?
has it been happening long - have u lost weight - maybe u are anorexic.
try not to worry too much and see if it stops - do u get a headache too? maybe its an allergic reaction.
if it carries on the best thing would be to make some notes of when it happens and what caused it and then go back to your doctor with them and then he should investigate it properly for u. hope u are not pregnant and get well soon!

You could have developed allergies and they are triggered by strong odors. Some people (like me) get terrible headaches when around certain strong smells. Perfume will give me one every time. I would talk to your doctor and see if you can get on a allergy medicine that will help to calm the symptoms.

curious me
You are pregnant you just don't know it yet. See a doctor. Have saltine crackers with you for such times. As soon as you feel it coming on eat a few real quick. It worked for me.

You could be pregnant. Are you taking any new meds, that could be it also.

A) Take the pregnancy test, just to be sure.

B) You could have a condition known as candida, or an overgrowth of yeast in your digestive tract. One of the many side effects is food aversion based on smell.
Check your toungue. Is it white? Research on the net for candida, and take the spit test. If you have it, ask your doctor about a cure, or look into natural remedies... good luck.,

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