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What color is blood before air hits it?

Arterial blood is bright red.
Venous blood is dark red.

If you cut yourself usually the bleeding is arterial and is bright red in colour. The colour you see is the colour it looks like before air hits it.

When you have a blood test, they take the blood from the vein. The blood is a darker colour because it has no oxygen in it.

Depends on the night. Fiday - whiskey brown. Saturday after the horse races - Beer yellow. Day on my boat - magarita green.

ADDED: Just talked to my roomate, 2nd year resident med school 2nd year as student of the year in medical school, and he says that artery blood is red, vein blood is bluish. 'Nuff said.

Arterial - brighter red
Venous - dark red

Im pretty shure its Bluesh-Purple befoe it hits oxygen and nitrogen.

Secret Asian Man

Blood in the arteries should be read; blood from the veins is a very dark red, a little bluish even. Having oxygen will make it red (arteries = oxygenated; veins = not)
If you've seen someone donate blood, it goes straight into the originally airtight bag- never really touches any air. The bag is transparent plastic (I've donated six times). A full bag is clearly a very dark red, almost a bit purplish. This blood comes from a vein.

Ha..never heard of blue blood cells, just red and white!

i've heard that its a very purple color. but i don't know that for sure.

contrary to popular belief it does NOT depend whether the blood is oxygenated or not!!! Blood IS red, no matter what; it doesn't change colors "when air hits it" because air is actually inside your veins in molecular form as well. It looks like the blood is blue in your veins, but that's just a coloration achieved because of your skin. In fact, deoxygenated blood is just a duller red; it's not blue. Blood is red.

your blood is different shades of red depending on a few things if its in your arteries it seems to be more of a darker red because there is a lot in one space but if it is in a vein it is a lighter red because A there isn't that much in a vein at one time as an artery and B because its on its way back to the heart to get oxygenated through the lungs! Hope this helps~PS a lot of people say its blue but its not! The blue color is only the color of your veins! A Lot of people think your blood is blue because they look at there veins well hello veins aren't transparent!

Coming from veins its blueish, purple, coming from artiers it is red

depends if it is oxygenated or not.

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