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What causes boils and do they run in a series of four or five in a row?

baby doll
Boils are ingrown hairs. Im not sure what causes them. They usually do grow in a series of about four of five. Im not sure if this information is accurate but i've had past experiences with boils. That's where i got ths information from.

It could be an allergic reaction to something.

You sure its a boil and not a staph infection. They are red and swollen and very painful.When the come to a head they will drain until a thick core comes out and leaves a hole in your skin. If this is the case they will keep spreading until you get a shot or very strong antibiotic. Please don't try to wait it out, I have bad scars thinking that it would go away. You can also pass this to family and friends.

boils is actually a pimple got infected. u have to get rid of it because it has a tendency to mulitiply

Boils are spider eggs that have been implanted in your body, probably by the dreaded brown recluse spider. You can expect for the eggs to begin to grow and your skin will become red and enflamed. Then the eggs will reach maturity and once they have decayed the flesh from your body, they will chew their way through your skin and begin feasting on your lifeless corpse.

I heard that steroids might cause that problem, especially if you're into weight lifting

Chauncy Gardener
It is an infection of a hair follicle caused by a staph bacteria. NOT the same as a pimple. They also are larger and can spread, yes, and located near a major nerve can be quite painful. Best treament? Lance it once it forms a whitehead and use peroxide on it--works lke a charm!

yeah - you're heating the stuff up too much.
It should simmer - Not boil.

when you get run down you get boils.

Boils are caused by bacteria. Hair follicles get infected and the infection causes a pocket of pus under the skin.
You can treat them at home with hot compresses, and by keepin the boiled (pun intended) area clean.
If you have repeated boil infections, you may have folliculitis, which is an infection of the hair follicles. According the WebMD, it's most common in places that are rubbed by clothing/shaved, or on the fact, scalp and groin area.

Like any other sore on your body that may occur usually an infection cause boils. Another source is ingrown hairs. Warm compresses applied frequently throughout the day will help to soften the core and relieve some of the pressure. Some boils require antibiotics and may need to be lanced. Opened and drained. I have never heard of them coming in a series. If you have more than one or get them frequently see a physician for eval. and treatment. Good luck.

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