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 Whats the best thing to do when you have a cold?
geez, i fell like i am dying here, i have not seen my tempiture yet, i still have a little bit of allergies. any suggestions?...

 Insect or sider bite?
my friend got bite by something, on his elbow. yesterday and his elbow is red, and swollen, not to much pain. when should he think about going to the doc?...

 I am 17 years old...what should be my height and weight?

 How many of you have had your tonsils out?
When did you have them out and did it hurt how old were you? I am getting mine out thursday and I am 20 years old and they said it will hurt bad! Will it hurt help me not be nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

 How do you treat an ear piercing that was just done that has become infected?
how do I keep the hole from closing while it heals?...

 A good remedy to stop gnat bites itching?
Last night my friends and I got badly bitten by Gnats, we were watching our boys football training on a Astro Turf pitch, we are all covered in very itchy bites. What is the best thing to put on them ...

 How can I combat laziness? pls help?
hi im a student. im not able to concentrate. i always feel like watching t.v, sleeping and nothing. but i always feel lazy....

 Why do people crave ice?

 I ran out of 800mg ibuprofen, for my knee. Could I take like 12 60mg IBU from the drug store 2 equal that?
I am out of town and my knee is bad.. Torn cartilage and it killing me....

 Demons attack me in my sleep....?
I really need your advice. I am a normal african american teenager living in Chicago and 18 about to graduate next month, on A-B honor roll, perfect attendance and all that good stuff but at night ...

 How do i treat sunburn ? (its always really bad because i dont sunburn easily)?

 On a scale from 1 to 100 (100 worst), what hurts you the most between cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookah.?

10 - hookah
30 - pipe smoke
60 - cigars
100 - cigarettes
Additional Details
Maybe I should have elaborated more on this.

I am looking for ...

 I need to pull out a piece of cotton stuck inside me ear.?
I was using a ear-bud to clean my ear and the cotton fizzled out of the stick and is inside my ear no matter how hard i tried to take it out. What should I do?...

 I love my feet - and love to watch others feet too. What bits of body do YOU like watching?

 How many hours of sleep does a teenager need?

 Should I shower before going out of the house?
I haven't showered all day and have to go to work, but I could powder! What should I do?...

 Why does my face always peel after tanning in a tanning bed?
I have a tanning bed. My face always peels after tanning. I want to know why, and how to prevent it....

 What will happen if you don't get stitches for a deep laceration?

 Can you fix crossed eyed people?

 Where can i find a local ansthetic?
Where can I find a local ansthetic in the form of a liquid that I could apply before cutting a piece of wood out of my foot?...

What can i do to get rid of the yellow coating on my tongue?


furring and discouloration of the tonge usually has another symptom that goes with it and that is a crazing or cracking look to the suface of the tongue. all these symtoms are one of the body's ways to alert us that our diet is poor. changing these symptoms is as simple as changing your diet to a more healthy and organic set of options. there is much factual evidence to be found about this but you should check out a great book called "you are what you eat" it is very informative and i know that it has improved the life of most people who have read it.

Are u the same guy who just asked about drinking his urine?
If not then stop eating dandelions

brush your tongue everytime you brush your teeth.

clean it regularly with a toungue cleaner

brush your teeth! and tongue...try Colgate Simply White on your teeth while tanning...it produces the same results as Zoom whitening offered in Dentist's offices for much less money!

Use a tongue scraper that you will find in any Chinese store or with your dentist (see ADA recommendations)



mouthwash. and give your tounge and teeth a good clean.

brush it and you should see a doctor or dentist,because a coated tongue is "usually" a sign that you have an infection ,like a bad tooth(abscessed tooth) ear infection etc.

brush your teeth and tongue and get a tongue scraper. They have them at Wal-Mart or your local dentist office.

dont waste money on a tongue scraper. brush your tongue twice a day. it may make you vomit, but brush in the far back too. also you can buy a supplement called chlorphyll. buy a liquid form and drink it, a teaspoon twice a day. this will help detox your body and aid with fresh breath

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