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 Ok....I need serious advice.?
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Discharging, puss, has occurred....

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 After the Masterfashion, my hands & legs are shivering for the next few days. How to imporve my nurves?
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What can I do to stop my appendix from hurting?
It hurts when I walk or run and it still hurts for 5 days, will this come out naturally or should I do something to make it better?
Additional Details
It hurts when I walk or run and it still hurts for 5 days, will this come out naturally or should I do something to make it better? .. It hurts on my a bit lower left (kinda like center) or on the left side of my tummy, near ribs

Benjamin A
To have it stop hurting, if it is your apendix, you must remove it. Being a nearly useless organ, there is no reason for it to do anything but hurt when it is infected.

seee a doctor immediately. This is the precurring of an appendix attack.

Are you certain it is your appendix?? You might want to go see a doctor first before you diagnose yourself with an illness.

You may need to get it taken out.

you need to see a doctor ! trust me my sister is one

it's natural~!! just walk slower and stop running~!!!

have it removed.

You might want to go to the doctor. You could have appendicitis which can be dangerous.

It really doesn't sound like your appendix. Your apendix is low down on the right side of your abdomen.

If the pain is high up, near your ribs, it's more likely to be a stitch due to lactic acid build up in the muscles during exercise. It should ease on rest. If you are concerned, see your doctor, however it is not an emergency and does not sound like typical appendix pain.

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