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 How do you cool a sunburn?

 What's the best home remedy for sunburn?
I have a scorching sunburn on my chest, back, arms, and legs. I'm putting aloe on the burn but am looking for something that will help with the pain and stiffness so that I can be able to put ...

 My dad burned up in a fire yesterday...............?
I don't know what to say to ppl....I know they mean well...But I just want to be alone so .....soo....soo bad............ My kids are still kids and don't understand How broken I am.......

 Girls only .... i need advice i am so scared...?
okay its been like 6 months since i have had my period and i know i am not pregnant .. i have done had a pregnancy test with my docter... and he can't seem to find a reason why i am skipping so ...

 I'm 33 am I in my prime? H***Y all the time?

 How do i know if i have been bitten by a brown recluse spider?
I wore a hat all afternoon that had a spider in it. I don't feel any pain but my son says there are some red spots on top of my head.
Additional Details
Well the good news is I ...

 My boyfriend keeps throwing up.. i dont know what is wrong?
my boyfriend is throwing up and has been coughing a lot in the last week. we dont want to go to the hostipal but we dont know what else to do....

 Help me rid myself of this addiction!!!!!?
I am addicted to food! No matter how hard I try or plan or whatever, I can't help putting food in my mouth. If this continues, I will be fat! I've already gained 10 pounds and I don'...

 If you suffered a deep cut or wound and couldnt go to the hospital, whats the best way to take care of it?

 Have you ever gotten stung by a bee?
How bad does it ...

 How many kisses can you get away with when giving the kiss of life?

 What is the quickest or best way to stop a nose bleed?
Lean back is not a good thing, I have swallowed a lot of blood...(I kinda like it) but seriously, I need to find a way to stop it....

 Why is it that the more I sleep the more tired I feel?

 I got sunburn HELP!?
i got sunburn and there are many blisters and when i apply aloe it turns to a blue color im not sure why this is happening help!...

 Urgent: tell me the quickest way of soothing a painful sunburn I got from a sunny island trip?

 What's the quickest way to get rid of a cold sore??

 Where does the fat go when you lose wieght?

 Is holding a sneeze bad for you?

 How do you get relief from a wicked sunburn?

 Jellyfish stings???
If you get stung by a jellyfish is it true to get the sting out you can pee on it?? Because i was whatch friends last night and thats what they did!!...

What are people called that think they are always sick?
Is there a name for someone who feels they must have medicine each time they think something is wrong with them?


I call them my friend Linda. It is a cry for help. Mainly they want attention and like the reaction and sympathy they get when they tell people about their supposed illness. The medicine they take is a way of reassuring themselves that they really are sick and in need of help. These people often see multiple doctors with multiple complaints. Again, they feed off the attention they get at the doctors office. And sometimes the drugs are fun too!!!

Hypochondriac is someone who this there is always something wrong with them such as a sickness



old timer

Yeah, my mother in law. lol


dreamers imagine someday

they could have hypochondria or somatization disorder.

Cartoon Star
Everyone's told you the name already. They don't only think they need medicine, some think they need an operation, some think they are going to die of a serious disease.

cuz i know


My mother-in-law.

a hypochondriac always thinks they are sick.

Hyochondriac-someone who always think there sick when they're not. Munchausen Syndrome-pretending to be sick{they really know they're not} to get attention. Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome--Pretending someone else is sick{usually a child} to get attention for themselves.Sometimes will physically abuse the child to make them sick.


LOL! Look! the first 3 answer are within seconds apart.
Hmmmmmmmm... we must now some hypochondriacs! LOL!

yp_carrie_cr... answers sounds just like my mother inlaw! LMAO!!!!!!


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