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What's wrong with my eye?
Why is my left eye tearing. It won't stop watering. It burns like poison ivy on my skin. I got eyedrops from a dr but they aren't helping much. I have to constantly wipe my eye and sometimes i get snot out of it. It feels pretty swollen from all the rubbing. Do you think i'ts allergies or infection?
Additional Details
It itches real bad too and is tender to the touch. I can't afford to go to the dr til friday.

olivia m
It sounds like pink eye i would go back to the doctor and don't rub it or else it will spread!

opthmologist will solve your problem. for time being you can wash your eyes with cold water.

sounds like conjunctivitous - you know, pink eye

you are highly contagious! Avoid rubbing your eye with your hands - not easy, i know - 'cause you don't want to spread it to your right eye as well.

shake it on down to your eye care provider for the antibiotic you'll need to clear that up.

and take a minute to peer into your makeup bag, and toss everything that is over six months old, and any eye products that you've used on your poor left eye in the past two days.

good luck!

I think there's something in it your dr. didn't find. Let it tear - that's the eye's way of cleaning itself. If not better by tomorrow, see eye dr.

Stella Meredith
I would most certainly go BACK to the doctor and let him see your eye. It sounds as if you might have Conjunctivitis (pink eye) which is an infection and has to be treated with antibiotic eyedrops. This might be what it is or it might be allergies OR it could be something in your eye. I would recommend calling and making another appointment immediately. You don't want to lose your vision. Please see your doctor ASAP. Please.

Sounds like Pink eye... Or you could have a Cold in your eye.

Go to the drug store. buy some Boric Acid.
Boil about 1 cup of water and add One Teaspoon of Boric Acid...
stir until it dissolves completely.
Wait until water cools to room temperature and then wash your eye with it.
Do this twice a day... it will cure whatever ails ya.

First call your eye Dr. back and let him know what is going on with your eye again and that the meds are not helping.
Second get a cold compress and put on the eye this will bring the swelling down and stop the itching. Stay off the computer and take care of the eye. That is the important part.
Rubbing it will cause an infection and them you will have a lot of problems...

ღℓιℓ мιzz ρωιи¢єzzღ
you've probz got an infection..go 2 ur doctor again..

Clogged tear duct. Take a warm washcloth and compress it two or three times a day rubbing from top down if it is the top duct and from the bottom up if its on the bottom. Try not to rub it with your hands and you will get dirt in there and clog it up more.

there is defiantly something wrong. if it was allergies both eyes would be watering but not discharging. get to your doctor right away because rubbing it might be making it worse, or it might be contagious like pink eye.

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