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Susan G
What's the medical term for when your intestines pop out of your belly?

Additional Details
no it's not hernia. i had a c section and my stitches broke wwhich caused my intestines to protrude outside of my body. i had to hold them in and have surgery to repair. i think it starts w/ an e.

It is an umbilical hernia


It's called a strangulated hernia.

hernia.you make it sound so exciting.it is when you get a muscle tear.usually in the abdomenand your intestines can push through the muscle.
unless you are talking at birth that is a different kettle of fish

This is called an abdominal hernia.

When your intestines push through a defect in your abdominal wall, that is called a hernia. There are different kinds of hernias depending on the location, but to answer your question generally, it is a hernia.

Now, if you recently had belly surgery, and the incision opened up and your intestines literally "popped out of your belly", this would be called dehiscence.


I just saw your repost after I posted my first answer to you. What happened to you was called evisceration. Basically the same thing as dehiscence like I mentioned in my first post.

Gastroschisis is when intestines or organs are on the outside instead of on the inside.

melissa p
Hernia is when the intestine breaks through the muscle of the wall of the abdomen but not the skin, there will be a bump or knot just under the skin. an Evisceration is when the intestine is hanging out of the abdominal cavity through the muscle wall and the skin.
Hernia is usually from straining too hard and popping the muscle wall, Evisceration is usually when a deep penetration wound of the abdomen opens the wall and the intestine falls through the hole.


in your case, brought on by wound dehissence (where your incision comes open)

good luck

Eviseration is when a wound opens up (dehiscence) and your insides come out. This is caused by overexertion.
Evisceration= guts coming out through the wound
Dehiscence= wound coming apart, no guts coming out.

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