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Crush a piece of charcoal and mix with liquid Benadryl to form a gritty paste...apply to the sting immediately. This will stop the pain and swelling and also alleviate any allergic reaction. Wipe off after a few minutes and scrape the stinger out with a fingernail or the edge of a credit card. Re-apply the charcoal poultice for awhile and it should be fine as long as you don't have a history of severe allergy to insect stings. Oh, and by the way...wasps do NOT bite and they DO have stingers...catch one in a jar and you can see the stinger in it's back end :-)

An old home remedy is to put chewing tobacco on the sting. The tobacco suppose to burn out the stinger and heal the wound.

put ice on it, it isn't that bad, unless your allergic to them then, you take your shot. Put, some Neosporin on it. It will sting for a little bit, but, they don't hurt that bad =Þ

Shawn L
say ouch and move on

Ivan c
well you can get a lemon and put the juice on the place you got stinged.

shanee h
it will hurt! trust me. I was stung/bit on the bottom of my foot because I accidentally stepped on one barefoot! It left a red spot and had a swollen circle surrounding it. I poured rubbing alcohol on it. Within about ten minutes the pain went away. Within 15 minutes I was walking on it and fine. When wasps sting it doesn't leave a stinger in you like a bee, so I didn't have to pull anything out.

take antihistamine or Aleve and run it under cold water or ice it.

Pull out the stinger. Put an icecube on the swelling. Watch yourself for an allergic reaction ( sweating, throat swelling shut, heart beating very fast)
Take an antihistamine ( Benadryl)

Put some ice on it and take some Benadryl..

apply wet tobbacco

They say to put tobacco on it but if you don't chew or smoke then I would just clean it real good and try to bring the swelling down.

Get the stinger out and watch out for an allergic reaction.
I have an "epi pen" (sp??) to use in case of allergic reaction. They are available by prescription. Not expensive but good to have on hand. Get an Rx from your doctor.
(not sure how to spell it but it is a shot you give youself after a sting).

Michael B
as long as you aren't allergic you got nothing to worry about it will hurt for a while but you will get over it. If your allergic go to docter now!


ok this may sound dumb but it works make a baking soda paste and pack it on the sting and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and it will draw the stinger ( if one ) and poison out ....

Barbara W
I put ammonia on all bites. (when I can't find ammonia I use Windex w/ammonia. Then I take a Benadryl or some other type of antihistamine.

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