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Raushan P
Something is stuck under my eyelid, HOW do I get it OUT?
IT is so ridiculous!! HOW DO I GET IT OUT?! NOTHING WORKS, NOT EVEN WATER or eyedrops!!!!

I'm a nurse. You have to see a doctor. It might cause infection even if you do get it out and you will need medication for the discomfort it is causing.

Do not use your fingers. If you cannot flush the foreign body out with saline solution, visit an optometrist or an opthamologist. You can really hurt your eyes by touching them or trying to perform procedures with your own untrained hands, so eyes are better left to the pros.
Or, DIY! I mean...they're just your eyes...

if it's like a mark or really flat (it's probably a mark) then ignore it unless it's painful. If it's solid and you know where it is, try wetting a finger, pulling up the eyelid and scooping it out...(dont try if its really close to the eye, only do it if it's close to the edge)

Why not just hold your eyelid down and use your finger or make yourself cry, thats what tears are for to get rid of foreign objects

try gently pulling the top eyelid over the lower one and relasing it gently

They say if you pull your upper eyelid off of your eye that something happens and it relieves the irritation.

Pull out your eyelid while looking down and let go.
That's it!

Martha M
Go to the Hospital. They will numb your eye and get it out.
If you try you could scratch the cornea and get an infection.

do what "KIKME" says she is in the medical field, roll your eye lid up using the Q tip and let someone see if they can see what it is,
if it hurts that bad go to the ER so you do not cut up your eye, hey this will be even worse fro your eye and much more pain if you cut up your eye ball

good luck

try a cotton swab. or it might be a tiny zit. i get those sometimes. pull up your eyelid and look for a tiny bump. if it isn't that then try finding it and using a cotton swab. or cry. =D

YOU DON'T. The ER doctor does. Get somebody to drive you. Don't be a silly billy.

Kitty Kat
Calm down...If you can't flush it out yourself, you NEED to call the nearest eye doctor and tell them that you have something in your eye that won't come out.

Try making yourself cry.

For all you know, it's actually a scratch on your eyeball. So make an appointment, or if it is seriously bothering you and HURTS, you NEED to go to the eye doctor to have them look at it. It could be serious and might get infected. So for tonight, keep trying to flush it out by making yourself cry or keep using eye Drops...Inspect your eye in the mirror.

yes usea spoon it wont damage the eye when it pops it out

First of all, what is the foreign body? Can you see it? Being in the eyecare industry, I see alot of people who think that they have something in their eye when in fact they do not. Certain conditions such as blepheritis, or a blockage of the mybomian orifice can often rub on the sensitive cornea producing a sensation of a foreign body.

blink blink.....and forch ure self to cry......dats wat i did wen i had a toenail in in my eye( i kno gross)lol

pull your eyelash/eyelid out away from the eye and then down and blink.

grab your top eyelashes
lift the eyelid up and pull it gently down over the lower one.
try this a few times to get it out
strange but this seems to work alright most times

pull your top eyelid down over your bottom eyelid and your eye will water. do this until it comes out.

have someone help you take a shot glass hold your eye open and flush it. if it still doesn't work again you will need help take a q-tip and lift your lid and sweep it out if still nothing you will have to go to the hospital and they will do just what i told you to. unless its an eyelash then it will come out on its own but is its a metal shaving go to the er:)

Mary Mary Jane
I pull my eyelid down over my bottom lashes

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