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Should I go to the doctor for a burn on my hand?
I burned my hand about 3 hours ago. The pain is unbearable. I have burns/blisters on all 5 of my fingers. My thumb and pinkey are the worst, they are both swelled pretty bad. I have to keep ice on it constantly or else the pain becomes unbearable. But I feel dumb going to the ER/doctor... Do i really need to, or is this something that can just be handled at home, and how?
Additional Details
Thank you for all your answers! I just got back from the ER and found out I had second degree burns. Yikes! They gave me some ointment that didn't really help and I didn't want the pain killers, so I'm still in a ton of pain but at least it's all bandaged up and taken care of. Thank you everyone!!!!!

As long a skin is not coming off or any of the skin is black (burnt) if it is red swollen or blisted it is 1st degree, you can treat it with burn cream (to numb the pain and keep it clean) and wrap it in sterale guaze.


get to ER as soon as possible

Yes, you should go to your nearest ER and have them treat it for both pain and for instructions in how to care for it properly.
Good luck.

It sound like second degree burn. You may want to see a Doctor because they can prescribe some ointment for you and also pain killers to help you with pain.

It is going to hurt and not go away so I would seek medical attention okay!!

If the blisters are bigger then a dime, go to the ER. Otherwise, keep applying cold compresses on them. Leave them on for 10-15 minutes, take it off for a few minutes and then reapply. You have to be careful with ice, because, you could get frostbite and not even know it. If you're lucky enough to have any Silvadene or can get your burnt hands on any, use it. It's a prescription ointment for burns. Othwrwise, you can get Neosporin Plus at the drugstore, Its an anitbiotic ointment that has an anesthetic in it which will numb the pain. Make sure you get the one that says PLUS on it. Use it and cover it with a STERILE gauze pad, especially when the blisters break, or they will get infected.
Take Ibuprofen or Tylenol for the pain every 4-6 hrs and the pain will subside. If you have any signs of infection, like pus, or increased redness or warmth at the site, go to the doctor.
Good luck!!

Bored Enough To Be Here
If it is blistered 3 hours after than you should seek medical attention within 24 hours. If you think it's a 3rd degree burn or if the blisters pop than go immediately. Go to www.webmd.com and search for burns to help you better diagnose the burn severity. Meanwhile keep running it under cool water.

if you burnt your hand that bad i think you should go get medical help. it can swell up and it will hurt real bad and it could get infected or something so yes go see a doctor.

Yes why risk infection...also you want to minimize scarring. so get it taken care of properly.

that sounds like you have pain everywhere
you should go to the doctor
dont be embaressed to go to the doctor
if you think you should go!
then go!

If you burnt it that bad go to the urgent care and get it looked at. If you have Tea Tree Oil in the house you could use this but otherwise see the doc.

I did the same thing 2 weeks ago and ally my fingers and hand were burned, I kept an ice pack on it constantly for the pain..Take Tylenol and if the pain is still unbearable tonite then go to a dr. although Im sure there is not much they can do

It's your hand (and I bet it's your dominant hand - we usually burn our dominant hands and cut our non-dominant hands) with swelling and pain to your thumb (which is important with respect to the function of your hand).

Yes - I would show the burn to your family doctor or go to the ER depending on how bad the pain is.

Once you've had lots of cold water over it and then a nice burns dressing has been placed on it, you'll feel better.

go to the er

If you can afford itt yes. but of not you are doing the right thing although a pot with ice water in it might be better. that way you dont have pressure on your burns.

While the burns themselves may not seem severe, they sound like third degree burns which have a greater risk of infection. With infection comes many complications which could, worst case scenerio, could travel through your blood stream. So I would go, just so they can correctly clean, treat, and bandage the area.

ann f
see a doctor

mallory w
Hey, I work in a Dr.'s office not as a nurse but as a front desk person, but i am going to school to be a nurse. First off no ice run it under cold water. I would go to the ER if i were you... the last thing that you would want would be for one to get infected. Good luck

OK...All they will give you is Silvia-dean. This stuff is your best friend with a burn. It is a cream that you will place over the raw burn. It has a antibiotic and a soothing cream that will help heal your burn.

Here is how we take care of the burn:
If you get Silvia-dean..use a sterile or clean Qtip to apply it to the wound (never apply it with your finger)! Once you apply the Qtip to your wound discard it and use another. Once you place the Qtip on your wound then back in the medicine you break your sterile field. That's not good! In fact get a bandage that is non adhesive (like the white part of a band aid). Put the medicines cream on it then apply it to the burn. Then wrap it in a soft fluffy bandage. Change the bandage twice a day with the same process.

All peroxide will do is kill the Aerobic germs and good tissue...so don't use it at all.

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