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vernon w
Should I burst a BURN Blister?
Well guess it serves me right...
But last night I was building an electronic project that I designed on computer.
But I forgot that the soldering iron was on .
My skin on my right thumb stuck to it.
Now I have a blister about 1 inch long and half inch wide.
Should I burst it to release fluid or let it be...lol..(or use my bowie knife...)

Burst it then run it under cold water and put a plaster on it because then it lets out all the bad fluid

Yeh you should as long as you sterilise the needle, use antiseptic cream and cover it.

Yep, burst it, put antiseptic cream on, and a plaster/ bandage , and l hope it hurts. Love Jo xx ha ha ha

Let it be or if you want poke it with a needle to release fluid it will heal faster but if you don't it ok it will heal on its own.

yes but leave it a couple of days first and make sure you burst it with something sterile and cover it with sterile bandage.

not today thanks
leave it be if you can busting it will leave the area open to infection

if it was me i would prob'ly stick it. i never have the patience to leave things alone. are you sure it wasn't a branding iron?

you should never burst a burn blister the fluid and skin keep out infection and help the underlying skin to heal

Let it be! Bursting it could introduce outside germs, and lead to infection. Also, leaving it alone as much as possible will promote healing.
For future reference, if you get similar burns in the future, run them under cool water immediately to help keep the swelling and pain down.

Dont bust it. I did this with a camping fire right across my fingers, the blister might burst natually, this is okay because its your bodys way of healing, the blisters on my hand went all leathery before they burst when i was at a first aid class lol and the they healled okay but a freind of mine burst her blister and it took ages to heal, was painfull and left a big scar on her wrist.

Ginny Jin
Just leave it alone. x The fluid inside is there to help heal. x

NO no no!!!! Leave the blister alone. It will eventually "leak" its self. The blister is making a natural bandage to keep out bacteria and stuff. The only thing you can do is of course run Gentle cold water on it and then keep it dry. However if you are close to a McD's you can get some of their pickles and put it on the burn. It really works to relieve the pain. I had a tremendous burn from working there and put pickles on it and oh what a relief. No scar either. But only do it on the first day and not on an open burn only on the blister.

nooooooo do not burst it.you'll get it infected,however if it is quite a big/bad one get a nurse to take a look at it.

i think you should leave the blister, the fluid beneath the blister is there for a reason to help with the healing.

It may get infected!... And then your thumb will fall off. (But you'd at least have another thumb, that you could also burn on the soldering iron!)
Just let it be.
Maybe buy some burn cream to put on it.
Hope gets better soon! =)

Dr Frank
The thoughts on this have swung both ways over the years. The blister seems to slow healing, but on the other side, if it is still sealed it prevents the egress of infection. I am a leave it sealed fan.

no no no don't do it you could get an infection if it is bothering you that bad go to the doctor and have them do something with it i don't thing they will burst it but they might, and they might give you something to put on it

My son got burnt. Where it blistered and didn;t burn it is healing very well. The big blister that burst so far has scarred considerably. Don't do it.

Ridin the storm out
NO VERNON- Do not do this....Here are some sites to help you out. You may need antibiotics if this burn is severe enough. Also, If you can get an ointment called "Silvadene", or something similar, use this when needed. Call a Pharmacist and see what they suggest. Also, ask them about a triple over the counter ointment, like Neosporin. Get well soon!!

let nature take it course, burst it, your open to infection, let it heal from within.

yuck...don't burst it, try rubbing an ice cube on it instead

English Angel
No, it will become infected. Keep it clean and covered.

Leave the blister alone if it bursts of its own accord then clean and dress it untill then leave it alone.

A blister is a small pocket of fluid within the upper layers of the skin. Blisters can be filled with blood (known as blood blisters) or with pus (if they become infected). However, most blisters are filled with a clear fluid called serum. Serum is the part of the blood that remains after red blood cells and clotting agents have been removed.
A blister usually forms because the outer layer of the skin has become damaged. Fluid collects under the damaged layer of skin, cushioning the tissue underneath, protecting it from further damage and allowing it to heal.
A blood-blister usually forms when a small blood vessel close to the surface of the skin ruptures (breaks) and blood leaks into a tear between the layers of skin. This can happen if the skin is crushed, pinched or squeezed very tightly.
Blisters can also form as the result of certain medical conditions.
Most blisters heal naturally and do not require medical attention. As new skin grows beneath the blister, the fluid contained within it will be slowly reabsorbed by your body and the skin on top will dry and peel off.
The unbroken skin over a blister provides a natural barrier to infection. This means that you should try to keep blisters intact and unbroken in order to avoid infection. Never pierce a blister with a needle, but allow it to break on its own once the skin underneath has healed.
Cover small blisters with a plaster (adhesive dressing). Larger blisters should be covered with a gauze pad or dressing that you can then tape in place. If you have a blister in a position that is causing you pain or that makes it likely to burst (such as on the sole of your foot), its important to cover it with a soft dressing to pad and protect it. Then change the dressing daily.
If a blister bursts, dont peel off the dead skin on top of the blister. Gently press the area to get rid of all the fluid inside, and then cover the blister and the area around it with a dry, sterile dressing to protect it from infection until it heals.
Blood blisters should also be left to heal naturally. As with other blisters, if a blood blister bursts it is important to keep the area clean and dry, and protect it with a sterile dressing to prevent infection.
Blood blisters are often painful, and you may wish to apply an ice pack to the area immediately after the injury that caused it. You should apply the ice pack for between 10 and 30 minutes. The ice should not touch your skin directly as this may cause a cold burn, so place a towel over the injured part first.
Blisters that have become infected can be treated with antibiotics prescribed by your GP. Blisters caused by a medical condition are treated by treating the underlying condition.

here is a link that tells you how and why blisters work i hope it helps you.

leave it alone or it will become infected

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