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Razor cut, it won't stop bleeding?
I was shaving my leg for swimming and i knicked the bottom of it. It hasn't stopped bleeding for two hours, i have took the bandages off to check every hour. It has also already burned through two layers of skin in a small patch where i cut it, can someone tell me what is happening, it really hurts
Additional Details
I'm only 14, so, i didn't have any alcohol.


You can place a tiny piece of balled up toilet paper and it will clot the wound. It takes time..leave it there for an hour or so.

Lucas B
It depends on how deep the cut is, if the cut is very deep then you need to go to a hospital, if it is not deep and keeps bleeding their are a few reasons why this can happen. First of all razor cuts are the worst and I am not sure about the mechanics involved but it cuts your skin in a way that you bleed more then a scrape from another object. You could have low blood platelets which would cause you not to be able to stop bleeding as fast as normal people, did you have a drink before shaving? alcohol thins the blood. If i were you i would apply pressure to the wound and if another hour goes by and it doesn't stop then seek medical attention.

pour some coffee grains on it. No instant coffee. Be careful next time.

it should stop, just like when you shave your face, it bleeds for a while and stings but it stops. if it bleeds for more that another hour you might wanna have it looked at though... oh, you might have cut a blood vessel or knicked a vein

Maybe stop ripping of the bandage

Michelle S
Put a bandage on it and elevate your leg, apply some pressure to the cut and like the others said, stop taking the bandage off! You keep re-opening it!

hold a cotton ball to it. and apply pressure. do it for liek 5 minutes. good luck and hope it will stop bleeding


Apply pressure to the cut....it's the first step in basic 1st aid. Hold a clean tissue(if you wet it a little it won't stick to the cut after it clots) firmly on the cut for a minute. then put on a band aid and leave it on. You should be fine. If all else fails...ask your parents. They'll know what to do

dont take the bandages off silly.

The mom
It has stopped bleeding, but you keep ripping the scab off by removing the bandaid to look at it. It takes a little bit to build up a dry thick scab, and you aren't giving it the time to do it before you rip it all off again. Just put a bandaid on it and leave it alone. Put pressure directly on top of the bandaid for a few minutes and it will clot. It's going to hurt, of course. You cut yourself, and you keep ripping off the clot. So put on a bandaid, hold pressure for a few minutes, and then leave it alone. When you take a shower, it will soak off the bandaid, and after you dry off you can recover it again. Use a water proof bandaid for swimming, until it heals.

Mrs. Alex Turner :]
okay use a cotton ball and apply pressure. keep doing it should i stop. if not call the doctor and ask what you can do

hopefully you'll be okay..good luck

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