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graham g
Please help me, i've just been bitten by a raccoon what can i do?

bite it back, and then go get a rabies shot.

Go to the ER. You probably need to get a tetnus shot!

Is he still alive? Did you bite him back? Take him to the vet.

Flower Girl
Try to capture the raccoon, I know, crazy! But it will need to be tested for rabies. Otherwise you need to go to the doc and you will have to get a series of very painful rabies shots.

Does it have rabbies? You should clean it out and go to the doctor ASAP!

put some antiseptic on it and go to a doctor and get a tetanus shot.

I read all of the answers and all of them are correct, go get HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Wild raccoons can carry all kinds of diseases including rabies, tetanus, hepatitis, malaria, black plague, etc. You need to go the hospital to get as many precautionary measures as possible.

If it's at all possible to trap the raccoon that bit you, it can help because the animal control can determine what it is carrying if anything, and then treat you for that immediately. If you can't trap it quickly and easily, then skip it... more important to go to the hospital.

If it was a pet raccoon, you are probably okay and just need to quaranteen the raccoon for a while to make sure it doesn't have rabies.

hopefully you live in an area that has been rabies free and that the raccoon was only biting you by mistake and not on purpose. I guess the hospital should be able to tell you some answers. i have also read that anti biotics don't work it is bleach and hot water a little bleach in a cup or larger container.or on cloth, that you need.

Tim G
See if animal controll can track down the accused attacker. Then after filing the proper assault forms from the police department, go ahead with the criminal prosess of punishishing the raccon to the fullest extent of the law. then sue the raccoon in civil court, he might have homeowners insurance that will cover this, but few racoons do, in the mean time see a doctor and watch for symptoms of rabies. or as it used to be called "hydrophobia" {fear of water} Good luck Graham.

I think you may want to call your dr. and possibly if the wound is bad go to the ER. They will probably start you on the series of shots for rabies. Since it is a wild animal, it is all for precaution...

Call 911 might work..

spidermans girl
Call 911 or go to the hospital. Hold pressure on your wound until you reach medical attention.

call 911

racer 51
the hospital comes to mind


Go to the hospital immediately. Some raccoons carry rabies.

you have 2 options, either you can go to the hospital and start the shots for Rabies Vaccine, or you can start foaming at the mouth.

stop playing with raccoons

If it broke the skin or drew any blood, you need to go to the ER right away or risk getting rabies (which is not curable and is fatal). You'll also probably need some hefty antibiotics.

Usually, raccoons do not attack people unless severely provoked, or ill. So in the future, don't provoke raccoons, and stay away from ones that are out in daylight, they're probably rabid.

wish I were
You need to go to the hospital, pronto!

Dania C
Go to the emergency room immediately - you don't know if it was rabid or not!!

Make sure it's not rabid. If you don't know, you need to go see the doctor and get treated for rabies.

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