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Ok... so I got a small piece of lead from a number 2 pencil stuck on the bottom of my foot. Is it dangerous?

Additional Details
Thank you all so much for your help! I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful night.

when i as 8 i had a pencil break in my hand, pencil lead got stuck and stayed thier! i can still see it and feel the bump! i'm 24 now and i'm pretty health never had any trace of lead or infection! but go see a doc! good luck......

Anonymous is my name...lol!
No, it's not. I had pencil lead stuck in my hand when I was about 10 and I'm 19 now. I guess my body dissolved it because I can no longer feel the bump, but there is still a blue-black dot on my hand where it was. You'll be find. Try taking it out with a pair of tweezers.

§uper ®ose
Nope it's not dangerous at all. You're going to be fine. Since the discovery of lead poisoning years ago, pencils are no longer made with it. They now use a carbon compound called Graphite. The piece will either come out on it's own eventually or just be absorbed into your body...which won't be harmful since the human body already naturally contains carbon. No need to worry...good luck =o)

No. Pencil lead isn't dangerous. Just wash the area, and if the lead is stuck in your foot like a splinter, make an effort to remove it. If you cannot, soak your foot in very hot-warm tap water and a few squirts of mild liquid, anti-bacterial soap.
First, it will kill germs, second, it will help prevent infection and help heal the area. Soak for at least an hour and that should soften the skin enough for you to use tweezers or a clean, new needle to remove the lead. Most of it will dissolve in the water. But as for lead poisoning, I wouldn't worry. If the lead is stuck in as a deep splinter, and you cannot remove it, go see your doctor. Once you get the splinter out, rinse the wound with Bactine, and cover with a bandage for a couple days to give the wound a chance to heal up. You'll be fine.

I was in school, (I think the wheel had been invented by then,) and I was throwing a pencil up and catching it with the same hand. I caught it wrong one time and the pencil lead broke off into my wrist. It's been there for 20 years and hasn't done any damage, or has it moved. Still, go to the doctor and have it check out, because I'm not a doc. gl

they dont make them w/ led any more so you r safe

as other people answered...pencils are made from graphite. i know that there is a good chance of the body absorbing it, but if you can't get it out (some people had great ideas for that...i won't repeat them) i would see the doc. i had a splinter, not graphite, in my foot when i was young and it became infected. the feet and hands are exposed to more bacteria than most other parts of the body and can be easily infected. after a week or two of antibiotics, the doc had to surgically remove the tiny shard of wood. i was on crutches until the wound healed. don't take the chance of leaving the graphite in your foot, remove it or have the doc or a parent remove it.

The mom
Pencils are made with graphite, not lead, so you are in no danger of poisoning. Either your body will reject the piece, or it will absorb it. If it chooses to absorb it, you will be left with a spot of blue-black on the bottom of your foot. At any rate, you will be just fine. Keep it clean and covered with a bandaid, and if you can get a grip on the piece with a tweezer you can remove it. If not, don't worry about it.

Have it removed by a doctor. It could become infected.

Pencils are not made out of lead, so don't worry about lead poisoning. Anytime you have a puncture wound make sure your tetanus shots are up to date. If not, go to the doctor and get one. Also a puncture wound can cause infection. If you can't pull it out and clean it ask the doctor to do it.

Not at all. These days in time we have come to calling it lead, although nowadays we do not use lead, as it poses many helth problems and risks. These days pencils use graphite, which is completely harmless, even if you accidentially stab yourself with it.

jacob D
Pencils no longer contain lead, they are some sort of carbon compound. So, no it's not dangerous.

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