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 What to do about skin---peeling problems??
My face is peeling from a horrible sunburn i got 2 days ago and it is sooo sensitive. any recommendations to help get rid of the dead skin without extreme pain??...

 I have a spider bite?
i have a spider bite how do i get teh poison out it hurts to squeeze and ive tried salt packs but they dont work so what could i do besides going to the doctor it needs to get better by monday(school)...

 When you have a bleeding nose, what do you do?

Additional Details
First you tillte your head back.Second put a wet tissue in your nose.Next pinch your nose and hold it until it stops.Last put something cold on your head....

 How many hours of sleep do you usually get each night?
I try to get 8 hours a night...but that doesn't always happen! I'm 21 years old....

 I was in my attic and some of the insulation fell into my eyes!!!!!?
what should i do i tried to rub it out but they just got worse help!!!...

 Do spider bites come in three?
im not sure if i have spider bites or mosquito bites. its three red bumps in a row that are itchy. someone told me if its three in a row like that its a spider. any ideas?...

 Have you ever heard of putting crazy glue on a cut?
A few of the women I work with swear by putting crazy glue on small cuts. They say it speeds healing.
I can't get past putting glue in a cut....

 How do I know if I have a cold or allergies?
I know you can develop allergies and I am coughing and sneezing, so how do I know if I have developed them, or I just have a cold? I am going to Europe on Tuesday and dont want to feel this way on a ...

SO how do people deal with anxiety, I used to have panic attacks and now I just have anxiety issues, usually always being at night time and I won't be able to sleep, does anyone have these sort ...

 What's the quickest way to get rid of a migrane?

 What causes my nerves to jump & how can i get them to stop?
for several years I have been having this problem with my nerves. One doctor even told me its just muscle spasm. Whatever it is I just want it to stop. right now its above my left eye....

 How do you heal an ingrown toe nail?

 When you are feeling lazy or getting down, how do *you* motivate yourself?

 Grandma has prescription bottles with mixed meds, i need a site where i can describe or look up to identify?
my grandma adds her medications to other bottles when theyre almost gone, therefore, whats on the label isnt always whats in there, i need a site i can go to and describe the pills and whats ...

 Is it true that if a woman gets a tattoo on her lower back, that she cannot have an epidural?
Im wondering because my girlfriend wants one and someone told me they wont give you an epidural during labor if you have a tattoo on your lower back....

 What's the strangest thing you ever put in yourself?

 What skin care is better: Noxzema or Olay?? I'm curious to what wins the challenge.?

 I just bought a pair of shoes when i tryed them on they were comfortable...?
A couple of days later, they hurt my feet. What can i do?...

 Why can't you take Aspirin or Ibuprofen if you have asthma?? I was told this...?

 How do i clean my butt/anal after using flush toilet.?
I have been using indian (squat type) toilet all my life. i recently istalled flushtype (European type) toilet for my health problem. I find it difficult to clean my anal/butt after using the toilet ...

Nausea while at the computer?
Does anyone else out there get the feeling of Nausea after a few hours of looking at the computer screen?? i feel like im gonna throw up sometimes & what causes it.

master of darkstyles
Cut That Mudaf***a off!!!!!! now go read a book or just lay your Crazy A** in the dark for a while.


Eat Fish
Some of these questions make me sick, too

I have been on the computer for a while now, and I do feel nauseous. But I didn't associate it with the computer. I just thought it was from something I ate, or because I have been depressed. But I suppose it could be from looking at the computer screen. Like when reading in the car for too long makes me sick, maybe reading with that bright light coming at me is making me feel sick.

Jiv Jago
If you computer is a CRT screen (cathode ray tube), then it is quite possible that the screen is a little bit dysfunctional. CRTs work by blasting electrons from the back of the screen (cathode), onto an electrically charged screen, which thereby creates a single pixel of color. It is possible that the screen isn't catching the electrons and is "burning" your face. This is the case with TVs too. This is the reason with some old TVs why you can actually 'sense' or 'feel' when it's on. But if its a modern screen, then this is not likely to be the reason you're feeling nauseous. New screens are much more cautious about this issue. Screen savers help preserve the life of your screen and prevent this problem from happening. New screens are flat. Old screens are more curved and convex.

idk that happens to me to sometimes like with the tv to

probably you need reading glasses

Have your Eyes checked.

I suffered from it, something referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome.

My advice would be to check with your optometrist. I was prescribed prism lense glasses to help strengthen the ciliary body.

I'll summarise the explanation i've come across.

The ciliary body (the focusing muscle that controls your lense) tires and can't maintain focus on your screen so it relaxes and your focus is shifted to what is known as the Resting Point of Accomodation. (This is different for all people, but generally is a point past your monitor)

You are still trying to read whatever's on the screen, so the ciliary body is forced to contract to bring the lense into focus on the screen. Again it tires and relaxes and your focus shifts back to your RPA. This repeats continously while you try and look at the screen.

The strain of this repeated relaxing and contracting is believed to be the cause of a number of symptoms, including Visual Migraines, Nausea and other symptoms varying by person.

Of course there are other possibilities, and you could find that simply by changing the lighting around your screen, preventing reflection off the screen, and setting the monitor to a higher refresh rate frequency (70+Hz) could alleviate your symptoms.

I was skeptical about the glasses, but since I've started using them I've not had that feeling of nausea, and I only have to wear them when using the pc.

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