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My friend has started self harming and im scared, what can i do?
She has started cutting her arms, saying that it makes her feel in control and that she does it when she is angry. I don't know how to make her see that it is not good, or cool. Help !!!

All I can tell you is let her be. Do not tell her parents. I will tell you that I myself cut. My mom never really did anything about it. She said it was a faze that people go through. But honestly its not. Most parents will do that to deny the fact because they dont know why their child would do something like that. But I know for a fact if you told her parents she would be angry at you. Because I was mad at my friends when they told my parents. But when she feels ready she will tell one of them. Thats the way everybody is. Just give her time. Trust me she will realize that its not good. You can tell her that its not good and that its wrong. But she will not believe you. There is one way that you can try and help her. Give her a rubber band. Tell her to put it on the wrist that she cuts and if its both then give her two. And when ever she gets angry snap it. It worked for me. But then I did start cutting again. And then I went to the doctors because my mom finally realized that there really was something wrong. And I was tested for depression. But Try the rubber band thing. It does work. Just be a good friend. Dont yell at her or tell anybody about it. Let her tell the people she wants to know. And when she is ready she will tell her parents on her own.

If you want you can email me for more info.

on my way
You have been given some very silly answers and some very good answers! i know how hard it must be to go tell anyone let alone her parents, more so if you dont really know them. How ever she will need help, the cutting will not defo lead to killing herself! most self harming dosn't! your friend will not see it as cool, and she really is trying to deal with somthing very painfull inside, she is trying to SHOW how she feels as she can not tell in words, there maybe really good reasons for this, i used to be a selfharmer really bad, to the point of taking drugs (not to kill myslef but to escape) drugs, smoking, over eating are all types of self harm.i would take class a's and go on a cutting mission! it gets addictive so getting her help sooner rather than later is always good, but you have to remeber she is her own person and may not want it, if you push her to hard she may start hiding if from you, plus she is not your responsiblity if you can not cope or feel things have gone to far you have to do whats right fo YOU! my friend told my parents in a letter which he didn't sign, typed on the computer and posted in the post!it was 12 weeks before i found out it was him and i love him everyday for doing it! i didnt at the time but a year and so on and i see why he NEEDED to do it, she maybe angry at you at first but she will thank you at some point and i think making a diffrences to someones life forever is better than helping them fall, even if they dont like you very much at the mo.i will never forget my friend as long as i live, other people i will.

I used to do it because I was very sad and lonely. Talking to her and ALWAYS being there for her might make her stop. Giving her a shoulder to cry on might make a nice alternative to cutting

Your friend is wants to make hurm to herself because she doesn't know what to do with the problem. What may help is:
1. You can tell her her body is beautiful so why does she want to hurt her body.
2. Tell her hurting doesn't help in the problem and better go you two and buy and read some books on how to solve the problems facing her.
PS: I also used to do this some times after seeing in a movie when I was very deppressed but thinking the upper 2 ways kept me from continuing.
Also tell her she hurts you by hurting herself.

she need to be talking about what is upseting her and why is doing this or she needs help and understanding what she is doing this to herself if she talk about it and have a good cry she needs to go to see the doctor if not she will end up in hospital and stannd by her

you need to hire out some educational dvds on this subject the drastic ones the ones that show her how screwed up harming herself can be.What is she going to be like when the simple cuts no longer satisfy her needs,this could lead to suicide,you need to tell her boyfriend,family and all those who care about her and have a intervention.get her help,quick!!

Give her a gun ! see what trick she pulls!

You should tell someone, that is almost always the first step to helping your friend; talk to parents, school teachers, or whoever you might think could help.

This article has good information on the subject:


Good luck, I hope you can make a difference.

"Worried about a friend who is self-harming

What is Self Harm?
Self-harm is when people deliberately hurt themselves. It is not necessarily a suicide attempt and may not mean the person wants to die. Self-harm includes deliberately cutting, burning, biting and hitting your body. The reason why a person self-harms can differ, but they may be doing so to alter their mood when they are depressed or angry, because they are frustrated or do not know what else to do.

What to do in an emergency
If someone has harmed themselves intentionally, it is important to get medical help. If the person is hurt badly call an ambulance (dial 000, if you live in Australia) straight away.

You may want to support your friend by going with them to the hospital. This may help to reassure them.

At the hospital, after the person has been physically checked, they will usually be assessed by a mental health professional. In big hospitals this person will probably be a psychiatrist. For more information about psychiatrists you may want to check out the who can help section of the help kit.

When do I tell someone else?
If you are concerned about your friend's safety it is important to let someone like a counsellor, teacher or youth worker know what is going on. These people should be able to help you make sure your friend stays safe.

If possible, it is a good idea to be honest with your friend, letting them know that you will have to let someone know if they tell you that they are harming themselves. If your friend chooses not to tell you things on that basis then that is their call. This way you are not being put in a situation where you feel like you are breaking their trust or risking them harm.

How can you help?
Supporting a friend who is self harming may be hard. Often the reasons why someone self-harms are complex and managing these reasons needs help from someone like a psychologist, psychiatrist or a counsellor. You may want to check out the Finding Help section for more information about how these people can help. The Help Near You database or your local phone book should have details of these services in your local area.

Kids Help Line 1800 55 1800 (free call) or Lifeline 131 114 (cost of a local call) have also counsellors who are around 24 hours.

Sometimes we can get so concerned about our friend that we may not look after ourselves. It is important that you keep yourself safe. It may be helpful for you to talk to someone you trust about what is going on and how you feel. If things start to become overwhelming it may help to take some time out. You may want to listen to some music, go for a walk, go shopping or hang out with friends.

There are a number of things that can be done as an alternative to self-harming. These things usually involve expressing emotions in a less harmful way. It may be helpful to encourage your friend to try some of these when they are wanting to self-harm:

* Punching a pillow or punching bag,
* Squeeze ice cubes,
* Yell or sing loudly,
* Have a cold shower.

For more ideas and information on alternatives to self harming behaviour, check out the Fact Sheet on Self Harm.

More Information

You may like check out the information in the Finding Help section on helping a friend, or have a look at some of the fact sheets on the right hand side of the page."

COHUTTAFOXMAN, you need to seek counseling ASAP!

Inflicting pain to your body it`s today's social game ( piercing, sport activities until it hurts etc.), the only problem is if you go beyond the level what socially is accepted. Speak with her parents first. Maybe you lose her friendship, but this is what you must do if you really care about her.

Your friend is what is called a CUTTER. She is definetely holding some kind of really horable and painful feelings and memories inside of her. Something is hurting her soooo badly that she is cutting herslef in order to let the pain OUT! Cutters fully believe their EMOTIONAL pain is so devistating that the only release is to cut themself to let all the pain out. There is NOTHING you can do for your friend but GET HER HELP as soon as humanly possible. She WILL continue to do this and you cannot help her to stop unless u r a psycologist. SHE NEEDS professional help before she ends up cutting herself TOO much and ends up dead. THIS IS a very serious illness. Help her by getting the attention of a professional. Hold an intervention with her family and friends and MAKE her get the help she needs. Good Luck to you! My heart goes out to u and she is so lucky to have someone like u who cares enough to help her before its too late

heaps of young teens do that, and it can be a real problem,u shud talk to her and ask her what is making her feel mad and or upset for her to do it. ask her if she would see the school counsellor and suggest that if she doesn't want to go maybe u could go with her for support. and she still doens't want to go and see the school counsellor urself and get advice from them. its best to get advice on something like this from someone who knows what they are talking about and who have probably spoken to other people who have done it.

Not having control over herself can have fatal consequences. There are many people who pass out from severe depression every year.
Apparently, she is bothered and upset by an incident in her life and so she doesn't care about her self-being. You could talk to her in person and tell her to just let out the reason for this behaviour of hers, or better still, take her to a psychatrist. Encourage her to practice meditation which will give her self-control; whenever she gets angry, she could try to just give up and indulge in a favorite activity of hers instead. Try to give her company at these times and keep calm, she'll learn to keep cool when angry and be contented with your support.

Good luck!


YOU have to tell her parents so she can get help. This is a mental problem that needs serious treatment.

Talk to someone who is qualified to handle suicidal tendencies. One day, if she keeps doing this, she will succeed in killing herself. I'm sure that where you live, there is a suicide prevention hotline which you can call for free advice. Contact them right away for your friend's sake.

Tell her parents so they can get some help for her.

She needs help ASAP. Get her to see a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or psychologist. If she refuses, speak to her parents if she's a minor. If she isn't , try speaking to her parents anyway.

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