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My arm where my vain is hurts and is red..i just recently had an IV?
I just went into the hospital and got an IV into my arm. The area where it was is red and the vain is traced in red all the way down my arm. What does this mean??

mister w

You should go see your doctor but it could be because of the IV which can cause your veins and arms to be sore. This happened to my BF before. Not going to tell you what the doctor did because you need to go see yours and i dont want you to try what they had him do because it might be different.

You have an inflammation of the vein called phlebitis. If you are running a fever or if you have drainage coming from where you had the needle you need to go to the doctor now. You can put a warm wet towel on your arm with plastic around it to keep it warm which will help it heal. If it does not get better fast go to the doctor.

go back to the ER now

blood poisoning, get your butt back to the doctor asap!!!!

Shannon F

♂ Randy W. ♂
I am a nurse and depending on what medication you had you may be either having a reaction to it or an infection. I would go to the ER right away and have a Dr. look at it. infection might be fatal and with out seeing it myself I can not tell you if it is or not. I think the professionals at the triage station of the ER will be able to tell you within 15 minutes whether it is something you need to be treated for or not.

It's probably inflamed or engorged. If you get a red streak going UP your arm then get to a doctor immediately. That's infection that left untreated is usually fatal.

it might be infected! ahhh
or it could just be an afteraffect of the IV if u just had it! wait a couple of hours (or maybe a day) and see if it goes away. if it doesnt, go back to the hospital and see a doctor to see if its ok!
good luck hun

gator girl
It's normal for it to be red in the area where the needle was, but not all the way down your arm. Go to ER - you could have an infection.

go to the ER. You may have infection or worse, a thrombus.

SusanS, Incognito
Probably a phlebitis. Apply warm compresses. Perhaps you should go back to where you had the IV and have them check it. Good luck.

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