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Aunja P
Medical advice for swallowed toothpick?
I ordered Jason's Deli and got a wrap sandwich. I took a couple of bites and did notice a crunch but thought it was the large onion so I swallowed and then looked inside my sandwich and the tooth pick was all the way wrapped inside not sticking through the top like my kids. And I had swallowed half of it. I measured and it is about a little over an inch. It's only been about 15 minutes and I feel okay, and I don't have medical insurance so I don't know if it calls for a ER trip? Is there something I can do to help it pass? Should I notify Jason's Deli??

Notify the deli and document it and the time. Go to ER for xray. I saw this on House and it really messed some kid up til they found it. It can perforate something

deva s
Get off the computer and Go to the E.R. now! Better safe than sorry! And don't wait for more answers!
If a dog can have a punctured stomache from a piece of bone broken off and it's used to chewing and eating bones, what in the world is going to happen to you with a sharp small toothpick as your stomache digests the food?
Over an inch of a toothpick sharp on one or both ends going through all those feet of intestine! And yes notify Jason's deli! There are also emergency relief aid programs you can check out later. Don't delay! Go to the E.R. now!

go poo......

I would defanately go to the doctor too seek tratment beacuse the lining of your inidis are verry fragial and it doese not take muxch to laserat them so i would defanatly at least call your DR not nesasaraly go to the ER but i would not eat any solid fl;uids untill taking to the DR ang getting his orders

Just go to the ER...
There, you will find a sign on the wall that tells you what to do if you do not have insurance that will cover the visit.

After you do that, you can deal with Jason's Deli.
And until you have proof of the toothpick,
the deli won't do anything anyway.

And you know...it isn't just that it can make a hole somewhere that can cause a slow bleeding to death and such,
it is also that it can get lodged and cause you no end of silly sounding symptoms, that later will cause you to be hard pressed to explain why you didn't go and have it removed.

And, do you really want your death certificate to state that you died from a toothpick?

My first instinct says that you'd be ok, but my initial research says that you should get it checked out ASAP. I guess they have a high risk of complications due to being sharp. Check the links below.

"Urgent endoscopy is indicated for patients who have swallowed aluminum soda can tabs or toothpicks, since these objects are not visible on plain radiographs and both have a relatively high incidence of complications. If the history is clear, proceed to endoscopy; if unclear, CT scanning may be used to confirm the presence of the foreign body before endoscopy." [1]

"Approximately 80% to 90% of swallowed objects pass through the gastrointestinal tract without problems. However, some types of objects can cause more serious problems when they are swallowed. These include:

* Sharp objects, such as open safety pins, bones, toothpicks, needles, razor blades, or broken thermometers." [2]

"Call your health professional immediately if you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions.
Note: Do not eat or drink anything until you have talked with your doctor.

Have you swallowed a sharp object, such as an open safety pin, a straight pin, bone, toothpick, needle, razor blade, or broken thermometer?" [3]

ouch! I have no idea, but I would go to a doctor for sure, you could rip up your throat

I would go to ER immediately if you feel any sharp pains.
Other than that, have some preparation H on hand for the exit of the toothpick.

well tooth picks could cause problems if swallowed, but its very unlikely just give it a couple days and it should pass through the digestive track normally... but if you start having stomach pains you should see a doctor weather you can afford it or not .

Ken W
I wouldn't take anything from a popular primetime TV show to heart.

An inch of toothpick should pass fine. Your bowels are more than an inch and diameter. The toothpick should be saturated in gastric juices and acid to break it down even though it is wood. But if you're worried, some signs of perforation of the intestine is blood in stool and abdominal pain.

But it should pass fine, there's no need to tie up emergency services for this if you do not have the presenting symptoms. I mean what are they going to do? Do surgery? Unlikely...not until you have presenting symptoms Give you laxitives? Sure why not and in the mean time drop your Potassium levels to where you'll be getting IV Potassium.

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