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Is butter good for burns?

NO! it burns on the skin cos its a fat, i once did it and now i have a visible scar on the back of my thigh

it can cause infection
cold water is good
but Silvadene cream is the best
it helped my sis when she had 3rd degree burns
and when i had a second degree burn on my arm

no, no, no, no, no!

Sterile dressing. . .seek medical attention if the skin is blistered.

WTF, Is this a serious question? But ya when your done putting butter on a burn, why not add a little jelly for color... BUTTER IS NOT GOOD FOR BURNS.

Didi S
No. Cold water and ice to stop the burn from penetrating. You can get a spray called dermaplast to help. Aloe...They sell a cold spray for burns. Check out your local pharmacy.

No, that was a myth. Butter can make it worse.

Never Never Never!!!!!!! Flush with cold water. I keep an Aloe plant in the house. It works better than you mite think.

Not really-could even cause a infection. Much better and safer is immediately after the burn run under cold water to stop the burn and ease the pain and if 1st degree pain can get spray of bacteria and pain relief if 2nd to 3rd degree then requires medical attention.

No. Butter will only act as a sealer which will actually cause the burn to go deeper.

Use cold water, and if the burn is more than 2nd degree, seek medical help.

NO, NO, NO...cool water or compress

I hear it is, but if it were me, id use ice.

Absolutely not. The best way to help a burn is run cold water over it an If it is bad go to th ER..


When I get a burn, from cooking or steam, I immediately douse it with vinegar (white works best)...it soothes the burn and it doesn't blister...anything more serious, seek medical attention...

Butter is a really bad idea for burns. Depending on the severity, it may need looking at by a doctor or nurse (however, if just a small reddening of the skin, this may not be necessary).

The best course of treatment for a burn is simple - run it under cold water for about 10 minutes (minimum). If you see a blister or the skin appears to be damaged, cool the area with copious amounts of cold water. Should you need to go to the hospital, it might be advisable (particularly if it leads to an open wound), to cover it. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE ANYTHING FLUFFY! This will only stick to the skin and cause even more damage when it is removed, and may even lead to infection. If it's available, a good thing to cover a burn is either a burn dressing, or better still, Cling Film. This stops the area from becoming infected, and gives you a chance to make it to a specialist.

In the case of chemical burns, or burns to the eyes or throat, get straight to the hospital or call an ambulance, and make sure that you have a container with the substance that burned you to hand to show whoever you see. These type of burns need urgent attention, and need to be run under water for at least 20 minutes (although I'd recommend about 30 minutes plus). Remove any clothing that may be contaminated and get help.

At the end of the day, just use your common sense. If you think it is serious enough to warrant professional help, seek it. But butter is bad, water is good, and Cling Film is great (just don't let the wound sweat too much and get help from the hospital).

Hope this helps.

NO it makes it worse!

Butter is not health for burns at all it does hold the heat in causing a worse burn. I also read on one of the answers to use ice (that is also a no no). Ice will damage the tissues even further the best thing is cool water if there is blistering and or charing go to the ER. If there is ever any doubt and you don't want to go to the ER, go to your local fire dept. They are trained on how to treat burns and can tell you what you should probably do. A lot of the guys at a fire dept. are either first responders, EMTs or paramedics, and they are always glad to help no matter how little or big the problem may be.

Cheryl E
not really but it will keep the air off in a pinch and that will keep it from hurting so much...run it under cold water and then apply aloe vera, any good antibiotic salve will also work...butter is a quick short term fix that can lead over long term to infection due to the bacteria that will grow in the butter..

Oh God no!!

Don't put anything on it. There are three types of burns, and depending on what kind it is and the size, just wash it gently and leave it be. Don't use triple Antibiotic ointments because this does not allow your skin to breathe and heal.

If you must put something on it, use a plain, natural lotion and use a dry dressing, but take it off as soon as possible.

Holy cow! NO!
Since bakers put butter on top of fresh-out-of-oven rolls for a glazed brown look, ya better not do that to your skin.

No not any more --use cold water , then rub a piece of alo plant on it

No that is an old wives tale. Ice in a plastic bag is best to ease the pain right away and stop the swelling.

Gene Guy
Absolutely NOT. This is an old wives tale. No burn should ever be covered with fats and oils, this will only make things worse. A dry sterile dressing is the start for minor burns. If you have blistering or more severe injury to the skin go to the emergency ward. If it is a minor burn, start with ice to cool the tissue and limit the damage and then keep it clean and covered.

definitely not. when it melts it becomes hot oil on the burn. never good. ice packs, cold water, cold spray, burn cream, but no oil substances like butter. :)

Suni J
My aunt put butter on me when I got a burn from the iron at the age of three. I still remember it to this day and its been 21 yrs. It was traumatic and it did not help. And the burn is still pretty clear on my elbow so I did nothing for the scarring. I'd find something else.

Only on toast. On humans, it is very, very bad.

Bad Kitty!
It can actually cause an infection, so NO.


The most immediate treatment for both thermal and chemical burns is to stop the burn from progressing. Clothing saturated with caustic chemicals or hot substances should be removed at once, and the affected skin area placed in cold water (but not ice). If done within the first minute or so, cold water emersion for up to 30 minutes can reduce both the total area involved and the depth of the burn. Avoid butter.

NO !
Never put butter or any cream on burns
This will not sooth them ,
but almost surely, introduce infection

COOL the burn ! don't fry it !!

apply cool water to the area !
if it is a small area ( finger )
put it in a bowl of ice water to reduce the pain
Do not be tempted to "pop " blisters

a larger burn must also be cooled

with copious amounts of water .
Leave clothing ( that was on the burned area) in situe.

Removal of clothing, can cause skin loss
and a wound open to infection

All large burns need to have professional treatment .


and take the victim , swiftly ,With no delay .

to the nearest EMERGENCY hospital

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