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 I had gallbladder surgery, the surgeon cut my liver and i almost died, should i sue?
i called the surgeon for 4days in a row, he kept telling me to walk, the more i walk the better i will feel, i was within 24hrs of death....now my family doc tells me i have liver damage and may ...

 My friend has started self harming and im scared, what can i do?
She has started cutting her arms, saying that it makes her feel in control and that she does it when she is angry. I don't know how to make her see that it is not good, or cool. Help !!!...

 Guys do you prefer a girl who is waxed down there or do you not really care? Girls can give opinions too?
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 How should I heal a zit in one night? any home remedies?

 Sunburn OWWW!?
I went floating on the river today and got sunburned REAL BAd.. it is starting to blister.. any home remedies?
Additional Details
I am also reallly dizzy and cannot seem to stay awake.. ...

 What do you do when you choke on your saliva?
cause it happens ya know..
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are you suppose drink something if coughing don't help?...

 What helps cool sunburn?
sunburned today. need advice on what can relieve itching and redness, possible burning later on as sunburn gets worse usually hours/days ...

 What do you like to add in your bath?
I like Lavender salts. Haven't tried anything else....

 Would you??????????
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 Who likes to take dumps?

 Any advise on giving up smoking?
I have been smoking for 6 years. I am 16 and want to give up. please give me some advise....

 If i was to remove a tatto with a knife?
what percautions should i take to not catch any kinda of diseases? how deep should i cut? its about six by 3 inches around any suggestions Other than not to do it?
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i ...

 Should I go to the doctor??
A few weeks ago I smashed my finger by a car door... It bled alot and the skin where the cuticle is fell..well just a piece, i didnt feel my finger for almost 4 hrs cause of the pain. I thought it ...

 How to heal a cut quickly?
How can you heal a cut really really quickly?...

 Sunburn help?
i got sunburn last saturday and it is now peeling. can you give me some help w/ what to do.

 My boyfriend has a constant nervous feeling in his stomach, what could this be?
He has suffered from two panic attacks lately, and now has a weird nervous feeling in his stomach, suffers from severe sweating out of nowhere and headaches... whats wrong?...

 I have trouble falling asleep, anyone have any suggestions to help me get a good night's rest?
No medication please! I don't believe in taking chemicals to put me to sleep, besides most of these narcotics are addictive and make you more tired then you rely on them to help you sleep!...

 My son has had a stomach ace all night and is also throwing up?
what is good for me to give him so his stomach can feel better he does not want to eat and he keeps complaining about cramping really bad cramping he drank a whole bottle of gatorage yesterday and I ...

 Help! I need help quickly, bleeding and swelling.?
I have just hurt my foot it was kinda bent backwards a bit and 3 toes have small abrasions on them and a hole in the nail of my big toe. It isn't unbearable paint and i can walk but it hurts a ...

Is 2 hours of sleep better than no sleep?

better something than nothing

yeah but you will have a break down before to long

NO,if you attacked by a wild bear.

Yes. You hit REM after about an hour and a half. It's that REM DREAMING that you're after. Your brain needs it to reset itself.

if you can only get 2 hours sleep in, say before work, you ll probably feel better if you didn't sleep at all

Sleeping for two hours will only make you feel more tired when you awaken, because it is time enough for you body to enter an REM cycle, "deep sleep", however your body will have been given more time to rejuvenate itself. However, to FEEL more rejuvenated doctors recommend a "power nap" of 20-30 minutes.

Hey...At least it's better than done.If i only get 2 or 3 hrs. of sleep,i can't funtion right and make alot of mistakes...YOUR MIND AND BODY NEED MORE SLEEP or it starts breaking down..Be cool get plenty of sleep..

Well, it really depends on if you get REM sleep, not just any sleep. If you get 8 hours of sleep and no REM sleep, it's like you haven't even lied your head down. REM sleep replenishes the hormones in the brain, consolidates memories, and the body regulates its metabolism too- all the while, you're just having a dream about Jesus being the noisy guy in the row in front of you at the movies and you're in bed kicking your legs like Fido.

it depends on you . for me it is but i also work graveyard shift. i guess it is all in what you get used too. if it is only once in a while i would say stay up but if ou are working an extra job or something like that where you are going to be in the situation more often than not then train yourself to take the power nap and get yo azz up and go!

Yes of course, make you feel more better and healthly


the answer is yes, the human body can survive off of only 2 hours of sleep the only thing that is affected is your memory because most of your sleep is used to store the information that you have learned that day. i know this to be true due to my own experiance while in the navy.

of course but still not enough..

ofcourse its is better .. but still minimum 8 hrs of sleep is complusory

T-Kay x)
he1l yea, but u should be sleeping about 8 hours, i sleep about 10

of course but its recommended to get at least 8 hrs. u would do better if u get at the very least 6 hrs

Yes.All sleep is valuable.


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