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Infection,turning green?
My finger is throbbing with pain. My skin is like green and purple with blood in the inside. It's growing every single day. This happened like aboout 1 week ago. I was bitting my nails and there was a cuticle sticking out. So I yanked it put.It's really swollen and red and really warm. Do I need to go to the doctors?What will happen if I don't? Is there anything I can do to get rid of it? What are some things that I should look out for?

Ms Berry Picker
if the stuff inside your finger is puss, you might try opening it up with a pin to drain the infection. then soak it in warm water with ebson salt. if it doesn't look better in a day or two, go to the doctor. what will happen if you don't? gangreen could set in, you could lose a finger or even your life.

oh my gosh...BOYS lol.
my boyfriend did the same thing but with his finger. ok first of all if you have a nail tearing off DO NOT yank it out. get some clippers and clip it. and yes green is bad, if i were you id go to the doctor if its as bad as your saying because it could get into your bloodstream and cause your butt some serious damage and i really dont think you would be to happy with that. anyway go to the doc. and get it checked out and remember......CLIP IT NEXT TIME DORK.....=]

could be gaine green..

Gordon S
You need to get to a doctor ASAP, you might even go to the ER, you might have gangrene, which can kill you !!!!!!!

paul h
YES!!!! HURRY!!! Get to the doctor LIKE NOW!!! You have a bad infection. A friend of mine, a hairdresser had a hangnail and bit it off and then touched all kinds of things... usually nothing happens but if you have the bad luck that a microscopic infectuous organism enters that tiny wound it spreads. My friend ended up in the hospital and they had to cut out all the infected flesh! not only did he almost lose his had, he almost lost his life! Please don't risk yours!

Soak it in peroxide. It won't hurt. Alternate it with warm soapy water. Make sure all is sterile. Sounds infected for sure. A wonderful salve to put on it would be a triple Antibiotic cream/ointment. Also if you have the old time bag balm it is awsome. Put it on and wrap it with a bandage. But it has to be clean.

Seriously, go to a doctor immediately. Green infections (or infections in general) are nothing to mess around with. In the future though, if you have an infection, soak it in warm soapy or salty water, then put Neosporin on it and keep it clean and covered. And if you're going to be stubborn and not go to the doctor (and I sense that vibe here) then do the soaking thing every day, and draw a line around the border of the infection with pen or permanent marker, and watch it for a day or two. If the redness (or whatever crazy color) spreads outside the line, ESPECIALLY if it spreads in lines, then go to the emergency room immediately. The lines would mean blood poisoning, which can be deadly if it isn't treated with antibiotics. And it hurts like anything. I've had it.

Green is BAD! Normal infection pus is yellow, then turns green as the infection progresses...it could spread to your blood stream, or into the rest of your finger and cause you permanant damage.


You need to see a doctor and get on an antibiotic. You probably didn't get the infection from your mouth, but from another source, which entered the skin through that opening along your nail. You could have a staph infection, which in some cases is fatal. You could develop "blood poisoning". Infections of the finger are difficult to treat; you may need a long course of strong antibiotics, and if it's too bad you may need IV antibiotics.

Soak your finger in warm salt water (1/4 tsp salt to a cup of very warm water) and get to an Urgent Care center within the next few hours.

Mrs. S
The injury you caused when biting your nail caused the bacteria from your mouth to get into your skin and cause an infection. Infections are swollen with blood and pus and warm to the touch. You probably don't have "gangrene," but you need to go to the doctor ASAP (first thing when the office opens) OR to the Urgent Care so you can be treated properly and prescribed antibiotics. Don't you dare poke it with a pin; you will risk making it worse and adding more bacteria. If you don't go to the doctor, the infection can spread to your blood (blood poisoning) which can be deadly. Or the tissue could get so infected that it can no longer be repaired and have to be removed. You can't get rid of it yourself; it will only get worse and even more hideously painful. And from now on, wash your hands regularly and KEEP THEM OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.

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