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 Quidk! Quick! I got this liquid on me i dont know what to do! help!?
"contact with this liquid may freeze tissue"
what is this??
its getting all red and swollen and slightly numb!...

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 What do you do when you have wood stuck in your toenail?
no joke. just a few mins ago i banged my foot against a piece of wood. now a very tiny piece of thin wood is stuck in my toe and it hurts like hell!! what can i do?
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 Drowning / fireman's carry? Will carrying a person over your shoulder from the shallow water to the beach empt
Will carrying a person over your shoulder from the shallow water to the beach empty the water from a person's lungs so that mouth-to-mouth will be more effective?
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 Can my 2nd degree burn contact with water?
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without a Q-tip and besides picking ...

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 Is the atkins diet safe and healthy?

If you pull out a tick.And do not get it all.How can you get the rest out?

Figment 58
you need to use pliers or something. Never pull a tick, apply heat.

use one of those special things they have thats like a twizer with a scooper. but try hard to get it out! bc you can get lime disease!

I think u need some sort of medicine.
My friend got bitten in the stomach by a tick at camp and the nurse took it out and gave her some medicine. She said the head was still in there. After a few months the head came out from her foot x]

This is no joke.

Kyle C
Ticks let go if heat is applied to them. So i suggest putting a knife in a fire or boiling hot water then putting it on the ticks body. in 10-15 minutes it will ease off and you will be fine

Nitro RC Guy
Use tweezers, but sanitize them first :) And try and numb the area with ice first because it might hurt

Go to a doctor. Thats my advice because i know no other way. Don't worry aboutit, it's curable.

I remember a tick lodged into my back and we didn't know how to get it out. My mom used her nails (!!!!) to get it out, and it HURT. You have to burn it. If you only get a bit of the tick out, the rest can keep burrowing through your skin (or at least i've heard that.).

People come to the ER all the time after this happens. Believe it or not, all we do is take any left over parts out with tweezers.

By the way... You don't get lyme disease from tick parts that are left in your skin. You get it from the bite itself, but only if the tick is infected. If you leave any parts behind they'll fall out when the layers of skin die and flake off.

You can apply heat to a live tick that is biting you. Light a match, blow it out, and touch it to the tick's back. It'll back out to try to get away from it.

The notion that a tick's head keep burrowing in after the body is gone is an old wives tale. There isn't any animal whose head goes on living, for more that a few moments, after decapitation. I want to see the case study on the girl who had the tick come out of her foot months after she was bitten. I don't know what kind of medicine "a nurse" gave someone, other than Tylenol. Nurses can't prescribe medication, or medicate without a prescription. Not even a camp nurse.

If it wasn't for the people taking some of the misinformation here as fact, I'd be LMAO.

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