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Its to do with me i have no idea what it is.

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 Gastric bypass?

If you lost a lot of blood recently what is the best way to restore it?
If you lost a lot of blood recently what is the best way to restore it?

Is there a particular food that works well?

Dark green veggies have alot of iron, which helps restore your blood level.

looolllz.......become a vampire dude :P :P :P :P :P

Drink lots of fluids to replace the fluid u lost, then try and load up with iron and Folic Acid. And also any other vitamins and minerals would be good too.

Just take a high-potency, high quality iron supplement until your doctor tells you that your hematocrit/hemoglobin levels are back to normal.

Alaa Eddeen
Iron reach diet, like Green vegetables and organ meat (liver). + Protein

Balanced diet in general is very important.

FRUIT,MILK something with protein or add some blood

Super Dave
Gatorade. Is it in you?

After donating blood they recommend an increase of fluids over the next 24 hrs.

Liver is good for blood iron level, but doesn't have anything to do with 'making more'.

Annie anne
You should drink lots of water to make up for the lost fluids. Avoid alcohol.

Get lots of rest and avoid strenuous exercise for a while.

One of the possible effects of losing lots of blood is that you become anaemic. To help with this eat foods that are high in iron: red meat, dried fruit and leafy green vegetables are good. Whenever he gives blood, my husband always eats black pudding (blood sausage) for breakfast the following day (I'm vegetarian, so I don't). Stout (e.g. Guinness) is also supposed to be full of iron (it used to be prescribed for pregnant women who were anaemic) but it is alcoholic.

If you have lost a huge amount of blood you should see a doctor - you might need to have a blood transfusion to replace it, and you need to have treatment for whatever caused you to loose so much blood.

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