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I woke up this morning and coughed up some blood, what can cause that?

Oh my gosh!! Go to a doctor..if no tell your mom!

If its less than a teaspoon of blood, then you are ok. I just got over a nasty cold, and its a sign that you are getting better, don't know how or why but...if you are not sick or cough up more than a teaspoon, call the doctor.

Are you a smoker?

Don't ask... Just go to the DOCTOR!!!!! NOW!

You may be bleeding inside somewhere. Go check that out, it is not normal

that happened to me when i had a sinus infection.see a doctor.

that can mean you do not fare well.

You should see a doctor.

Definatly see a Doctor but in the meantime maybe you can find your simptoms at the link below but it is only a link not an actual Doctor.

anything from a dry nose, sinus infection to tuburculosis, i really doubt its the ladder, but there are many things in between go to the doc and get some antibiotics, maybe your house is too dry and if it was just a little blood it isnt life threatening, but see your doctor, whatever it is you dont want it to get worse

Many things could be the cause of this. If you have a sinus infection, if you have cold and have been coughing alot, if you smoke alot, and this could be a sign of tuberculosis. Go to the doc immediately they will want a sputum sample to analyze.

First, it is right for you to take note of coughing up blood, but the cause may not be overly serious and should not incite panic. There are two important factors in coughing up blood, the length of time that this has been going on and the amount of blood.

According to WebMD, "You may cough up a few thin streaks of bright red blood or see it on tissues when you blow your nose. This is probably caused by tiny blood vessels breaking in the nose or throat from coughing or blowing the nose. This is not a cause for concern unless it increases or persists. Coughing up bright red blood or rust-colored sputum (hemoptysis) that is clearly coming from your lungs may be a sign of bacterial infection, irritation of the bronchial or lung tissue, an acute lung problem (such as a pulmonary embolus), or other chronic lung problems. This requires a visit to a health professional." Tuberculosis can also cause this and is important to go see a doctor as soon as you can.

A physician can really make the appropriate diagnosis and can alert you to whether this is a serious issue or not. This is definitely a case where being safe is better than being sorry. Best of luck and get better soon.

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