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 How bad is this cat scratch? (Pics)?
My cat just attacked my face and my hand after getting in a fight with my dog and I have a small cut inside my ear (which bled a LOT) and a bigger cut on the side of my hand which also bled a good ...

 First Aid?
can i train to do first aid at 16. any advice or suggestions please? wud be very greatful....

 Brown Recluse Spiders??
A few monthes ago I found a brown recluse spider in my apartment. I sprayed and have just found another one. What attracts them? If I am bitten by one, how soon will I be able to tell? Does the skin ...

 What do you do when your feeling depressed?
if you feel sad what do you do to feel better?...

 SunBurn Help!?
I got a sunburn near my neck area,what should I do?

-Put ice?...

 What causes legs, & ankles to swell? Mine are Now Permanatly swollen & painful?
my legs, & ankles as well as My feet are always swollen.. but get worse when Im sitting In any position.. they also hurt alot. I feel like there Is arthritis in my ankles as they sometimes get ...

 How can I make my finger go in through my nose and out my eye?
sounds like ...

 How do you get a broken toe to heal properly?
I broke my toe in 2005 and its healed completely just not properly. What did I do wrong?

I buddy taped it and wore the shoe they gave me from the dr.
Additional Details
I can&#...

 How can i numb the pain of my infected insect bite besides a hot towel and aspirin?
i am taking antibiotics and tylenol the doctor gave me but the pain is at times unbearable what can I do or take to make the pain go away the doctor said it might not be a bite but it is man ...

 Can you get a sunburn through your clothes?
I got a sunburn today on my legs and butt. ( they were covered )
How does that happen?...

 I stepped on on glass in the park, i got a deep puncture wound for sure, I dont want to go to hospital?
I was walking bare footed, stepped on glass cut my foot, I then went home soaked it in alcohol then paraoxide, after soaking it I cleaned it with more alcohol and iodine. Is it really a nessessity to ...

 What can i do to help calm my nerves, so i don't snap?
I have been on meds before for my nerves and i don't want to go on them anymore but when i get bad i scream and yell at loved ones for no reason. I just can't handle any thing sometimes....

 I've just been burned, what do I do?
do you put your hand in warm or cold water after its been burned?...

 How do i get rid of water in my ear?
well, i took a bath an hour ago and water got in my ear. so now i'm kinda half-deaf and it's driving me crazy. I've tried blowing my nose, putting water in (then supposedly out), ...

 I have a really bad sunburn and it has started peeling and exposing the fresh skin underneath.?
It is swollen and extremely red in some places. How do I keep it moist? What can I do for the pain? Lotions and aloe vera just hurt and sting....

 I've had sinus congestion for almost a month, any idea's on how to get rid of it?
I've tried all kinds of meds. It started as a cold but only the sinus congestion remains. Any at home ideas, well Im about ready to try anything. I didn't know you could get soo sick of ...

 Any advise for a 18 year old girl who is 5'4" and 112 pounds?
For years, I've been trying to gain weight. Three weeks ago, I was put on a almost 6,000 calorie diet. I've been gaining very slowly. I've gained 3 pounds since then. The problem is ...

 How do I bandage a fingertip cut so it stays?
I cut my index finger pretty badly a few days ago. I have not gone to the Dr. for two reasons, no insurance and the cut runs from the top of my finger down the side of my fingernail-even if it needed ...

 I have Poison Sumac on my feet and legs and I was wondering what you can do to make it go away?
If you don't know, don't answer...

if you do know, please do answer...

if you have had it, please answer...

if you have not had it but do know about how to ...

 Can you use oraljel on your ear while getting a piercing? is it a good idea or??

Additional Details
I'm talking about an industrial piercing! not a regular lobe piercing! industrials are very painful , ive heard....

I was pulling weeds and now my arms and neck itch, they are red but thats from scatching.?
There is nothing visable on the skin, no bumps or anything. Help I can't sleep!!

sounds like you got an alergic reaction to what you were pulling out.Hydrocorizone 1% might help.Also look at what you pulled out and make sure its not poisonous

Marcus A
You got some bad juju up in der my breten..
bad vibes be stinging you wid der tendrils..

Wizard of Oz
Take some Benadryl (Diphenhydramine hydrochloride) for the itchies. Use a Cortisone ointment for your skin. Bathe. (Aveno works well - oatmeal neutralise's histamines.)

Jennifer M
go get some Calamine lotion. *not sure how to spell it sorry lol. Chances are you have poision Ivy.

chances are you got hold of poison Ivy. There is also poison oak, and sumac. It itches like crazy, and the more you scratch the more it spreads. The rash looks bubbly and you spread the liquid in the rash by scratching. To stop the itch try Rhulicream (spelling?). Also try good old fashioned Calamine lotion. If no relief in a couple days, see a doctor, cause this can get infected. Please don't scratch.....

If you have any oatmeal,put this in bathtub and soak awhile.or use some Hydrocortisone cream.

Bob G
You may have gotten some type of allergic reaction. Try taking some Benadryl.

You may have allergy. Take anti-allergy medicine and not brandy. A lot of sinus medicines are available. These usually contain anti-histamines. Actifed can be tried. Chlorphenramine may be taken

Sounds like an allergic reaction. If you're not allergic to Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), take 1 or 2 tablets by mouth--they will help the itching and also make you sleepy.

sounds like an allergic reaction....

try using Benadryl cream or Hydrocortisone cream to the affected area.

wash it first with warm water and mild soap (ivory or dove). nothing with perfume or dyes in it-this can make it itch worse.

you can also take oral Benadryl tablets. take 1-2 of the 25mg tablets every 4-6 hours but no more than 4 doses in 24 hours. this will help stop the itching and help you sleep

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