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Surfing Musician
I stabbed my finger with a staple?
Ya, so I stapled a staple pretty far into my thumb. What should i do? Should i be worried?
Additional Details
I did it after putting new staples in my mini stapler, the two top parts wouldn't go back together go I started squeezing it, not noticing my finger on the staple part, and it went back together and the staple came out.

Camille C
if you have had a tetnis shot, no
if not, GO GET ONE

*Amanda Leigh*
If you can, take it out. And clean it with peroxide. It may sting but you really don't want it to get infected. Then put anti-bacterial cream on and a band aid. If it is in too far for you to take out, I would suggest going to the emergency room.

{ Little Miss Flirty } ;)
nahh , well if you hit past the tissue to the muscle then yah your thumb will sure hurt for a while but nothing really to worry bout , I know a kid at my school how stapled his ear ...the whole staple went through his ear .....he was trying to get attention so at lease you didn't do that . So I may not be a doctor but I would say your find .

katie s
your all right maybe a little silly though

i did that once it hurts! no you should be fine just disinfect it and bandage it but if it gets really red or hurts a lot go to a doc

Vegas M
No...unless it was rusty and you havent had your tetnis shots

Believe it or not, it isn't that bad.

I guess the best thing you could do right now is to disinfect the wound (if you have any disinfectants). Then wrap it in something to restrict bleeding temporarily. Then go to a clinic and see if they can remove it as painlessly as possible. If they can't (and I don't know why they couldn't) you're going to have to pull it out yourself. It hurts, so you should have a family member do it, because the more hesitant you are at pulling it, the more tissue damage you can exact on the thumb.

pull it out and put rubbing alcohol on it then bandage it.

Ms. Taurus
You'll be fine. As a kid I was holding our stapling while asking my mother a question, not paying attention to what I was doing. I had my finger over the business end, and squeezed it. Naturally, it fully put a staple into my finger. Pulled it out though and I was fine.

Mr. Why
You received a lot of good advice, but beware of Cruchy's difference of opinion. There was no reference given for that advice and the advice was not good.

Tetanus is a serious disease that you can get from even the smallest break in the skin regardless of whether the wound is open to air or covered with a bandage. The fatality rate is close to 50% in some patient groups. That means if you get it you may have only a coin-toss chance of surviving it. On the other hand, for people who have had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years, the chances of getting tetatuns froom a minor wound are very nearly zero percent. The infection takes several weeks to go from entering the skin to causing symptoms so get the vaccine right away and it is still highly effective.

Otherwise everybody's advice was pretty good. Just keep it clean and you should have no problem.

no dont be worried. Just try to remove it, if you cant then go to your local health clinic for help. You might need a band aid on afterwards and you might wake up with a little bruise the next day but nothing more serious than that.

Toya J
First of all y would you do that that's dumb but anyways you can't pull it out the put some treatment on it then a bandage.

Jessica P
first of all how did ya do it ?
Ok yeah ya should be worried.....deep wounds are hard to heal ...check and see if you r bleeding alot ....if hurts and tears won't stop go see doctor LOL

Ryan F
Just pull it out, rinse it out, put some alcohol on it, and then put on a band aid then you will be fine.

When you pull it out, pull out one end at a time.

Disinfect it. Go to the doctor if it gets worse and try not to do it next time.

Haha i did that the other day except it was my pointer finger, no worries, JUST TAKE IT OUT! lol good luck!

Uh, you take it out and let it heal. Don't put a bandaid on it, it'll heal better in open air. Peroxide is your friend.

That suggestion to get a tetanus shot is just stupid. Tetanus shots aren't effective for three weeks after you get them. If you weren't up to date it won't do you any good now. Plus even though they recommend boosters ever 10 years they're actually good for 25, so if you've had one in the last 25 years you're fine. The best defense against tetanus is to give the wound access to air anyway, tetanus is anaerobic and can't live in oxygen.

L'esprit libre
OUCH!! Wash with soap and water to make sure it doesn't get infected. People can die from even the simplest injuries like papercuts.

take it out, place bandaid, done

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