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I just had blood & Urine test done.what does it mean when you have blood in you urine ? It's not much.?
I have had Kidney stones before.

Definitely go and see a doctor for an analysis.
It is important enough to do so.
From kidneys to kidney stones, serious cold, stomach, alcohol, cancer, etc..
The doctor might tell you, you only will live 1 hour more or you will wake up tomorrow and you are healed with the necessary treatment.
One thing is for sure, don't ignore it.

One your Dr.Should explain everything to you.Two It is prob.an infection.Just talk to your Dr.More.

It means you stop wasting your time in Yahoo! answers and go see your doctor now.

it cn be bilharzia so please go to your doctor

Mean Carleen
My son had blood in his urine when he was 17 and they ran all kinds of test on his kidneys but found nothing wrong with him. They tested him again a year later and still nothing. Knowing this I will say it can mean nothing, but you do need to be tested to be sure.

probably have kidney stones although could be a UTI. Try drinking more water and Cranberry juice to keep them from developing. Talk to your doctor about possible causes if they keep recurring.
Also blood in your urine could be indicative of other problems. If you just had some tests run your doctor should have the results within a couple days. In the meantime I suggest Cranberry juice.

Usually for me a urinary Tract infection. If that is it you need to get an antibiotic

Get your kidneys checked again.

you need to see your.dr. on this matter?

If you have had kidney stones, then that is what is probably causing this hematuria (blood in urine). Some other causes include:

urinary Tract Infections
Neoplasms esp., Renal Cell Carcinoma
IgA Nephropathy
Hereditary Nephritis
Certain drugs can cause hematuria secondary to the papillary necrosis of the kidneys, eg, Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents- Aspirin, Ibuprofen etc

Whatever the case may be, it is undoubtedly essential for you to go and see your doc immediately. He will do the necessary tests to rule out any serious pathology. Better to be safe than sorry! Besides you need to take treatment, for whatever is causing the hematuria... delaying this wont help you in any way.

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