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I just got bit by a mouse, what do I do?
I just got bit by a mouse while trying to free it from a roach trap, I cleaned out the bite and applied hydrogen peroxide to the bite. What should I do now? Should I see a doctor? May I have rabies?

If the bite drew blood the skin, rabies is possible, though unlikely.

Wash the wound out thoroughly with soap and water

Do not release the mouse if it is still captured.

Call your doctor or the local Emergency Room or Urgent Care. Ask if they are the right facility to handle the case and get an accurate assessment of how important it is to capture or kill the mouse if it is not captured still--if may be important enough to get Animal Control to capture it (The mouse can be tested for rabies to see if you are at risk.) If for some reason you can't get definite answers from a doctor some other way, try calling your local paramedics. At last resort call 911 or the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

If you are checked out but told to return for follow ups, do so: rabies has a long incubation period--the period before you would actually have symptons.

Getting rabies is very unlikely, but rabies is also very dangerous: get treated.

Yeah you could have rabies. You might need medical attention.
Call a 24-hour nurse advisor at your local hospital before you go in.

Emma M
need a shot for tetnus

I doubt you'll get rabies, but you should probably see the doctor. You might have to get a tetanus shot just in case.

I got bit by a wild cat (feral housecat, not big ferocious beast) and had to have a tetanus shot when I was in the 8th grade.

Good luck!!! :)

only me
you should put Neosporin on it, and call your doctor to see what he says. how bad is the bite? is it bleeding badly?

You probably need not worry about rabies, but call your doctor anyway. Since the disease is always fatal once symptoms occur, waiting to call is not a good idea.

And now you realize the foolishness of trying to be kind to such creatures. Use traps that kill. Or be prepared to surrender your life in exchange for that of a rodent that neither understands or cares about your Gentle heart.

Soul Shaper
You need to catch that mouse so it can be tested for rabies and definitely go see a doctor. Mice carry all types of diseases. Your doctor needs to know if you become ill and what your symptoms are. So, go see him/her.

I'd call a doctor and see if you should be looked at. Rodents carry all kinds of infections, and you don't want to wait until you get sick to find out.

yes call your doctor, they might want to put you on antibiotics and monitor you for problems. put some Neosporin on the bite and cover it with a clean bandage.

kat k
You really should see a Dr. Chances are you do not have rabies, but it is a very, very slight possibility. Leptspirosis is transmitted by mice, and you do need a tetnus shot.. sorry about your bite

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