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Kendra O
I just burned my finger on a curling iron, help?
It's red swollen and stings like anything. What do I use to treat a burn?

16 -n- Dec
Try some vaseline.

susan s
If it forms a blister, use a STERLIZED needle and pop the top of the blister and drain it (do not remove the top of the blister -- just deflate it)...

If there is no blister, try to get some aloe vera and rub the red area.

Dont' type on it.

I agree with the third answer. I think you should put it in cold water or ice on it, let the water run for a while . The key to burns is to get the heat out of them. I do not believe you should time it. Just let it stay under the cold or ice water as long as you can.

Al M
Put your finger in ice water and keep it there until the pain does not return when you remove it.

(Ideally, this is something you do immediately upon being burned, so probably more help to you next time it happens than now.)

yes no vaseline,cold water and ice also could be used,get burn tube ( non prescription from supermarket)to apply and leave it naked

Paramedic Girl
Do NOT use Vaseline... it will only seal in the heat.

Run your finger under cold water for 10 minutes (but no longer) every 45 minutes or so. You can take a Tylenol for the pain.

You can dress the site with a NON adhesive piece of gauze but no bandaid.

Burn Nurse here.

Don't pop the blister unless you're looking for pain. It's the body's way of beginning the healing process and gives relief by the formation of fluid within the burned area.

Vaseline is a no-no especially if you were burned with an acid, or other nasty household item. It's not that it keeps the heat in, it keeps the substance on your skin longer as well as demotes healing properties because your skin can't breath. We do use vasaline type products later in the healing stages to keep skin from drying out.

Simple burns are left to dry after say a cool moist soak of the affected area. If the burn blister pops (or if it doesn't, u can still use this), Silvadene cream is the med of choice for my patients.

These heal completely within a week.

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