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I have an ear infection, can I take a shower?
I got a severe ear infection 2 days ago and I want to take a shower, but i don't know if I should. Can i get my ear wet even though i have an infection??

Y3S U CAN !! MY AUNT iiS A D0CT0R .. SH3 SAiiD Y3S

you can take a shower just try not to get much water in it but you'll be fine


God,You Are Worthy To Be Praised
bien sûr!
(of course)

Take a piece of plastic wrap/cellophane. Place it over the infected ear, then place a rubber band over the plastic wrap, securing it over your ear.

Yes you can have a shower as long as you dont get your ear wet.
Try putting a sandwich bag around your ear and it should stay in place while you take care of your washing needs.
Use a cotton wool ball and push [Not to far] into your ear.

When you get out of the shower, take the Sandwich bag/CottonWool Out of your ear and throw Straight into the bin as you dont want anyone in your family to catch it.
Then when youve done that, i find it easier to lie down with the infected ear on a cold but dry surface.

Hope this helped, get well soon x

Yes, you can but it's best if you use a cotton ball in your ear to help keep it dry and afterwards CAREFULLY use a q-tip to dry the ear canal only, not going as far as the ear drum.

U suggest that you take the shower, but also buy Swimmers Ear
this will drain out any pain that you get from the water
I get alot of ear infections too...

Contact you doctor and don't let it get worse before you contact your doctor. Don't rely on people's ideas coz then you won't know what one to pick.

well you can and try not to get water in it or just dont wash your hair in the shower

In Love
You can take a shower, but be very careful not to get any water in it!!!

noting will happen to you if some little drop of water will get into your ear but it will be better when you will protect your ear while you in the shower.

Sure - just take care not to get water into your ear. Use a shower cap, earplugs, whatever will keep H20 out.

yes just try not to get your ear to close to the water .
Lean your head slightly side-ways and if you want to wash your hair be very careful...you might even want to use the sink !

just in case you do accidently get water in your ear , you might just want to use a cotton ball to plug your ear !

:D Mina :D
You can take a shower but try not to get your ear wet!

call doctor plug ear.

yes, put some cottom balls in your ear to prevent water from going in. Or just rinse from the neck down.

of course, just use a cotton ball or ear plugs to keep the water out...the more water that gets in your ears.. the longer it takes to heel

You should be able to take a shower. Just make sure you dry your ear well (as you should do with or without an infection).

If you're really not sure, call your doctor, that's what you pay them for. Feel better!

Plug your ear good with a cotton ball and try not to get any water in the ear canal.

Light Knight
God did a real good job of designing the human body so that when it rains your head would not fill up full of water. <grin>
Don’t worry too much about it, just try not to aim the water jets into you ear.
The shower might even make you feel a little bit better.
Remember to just dry the outside but don’t put anything like a Q-tip deep into your ear.

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