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Additional Details
lolita are you some kind of doctor or something? i just wanted a remedy not a counseling session....but thanks ...

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 How can you sleep if your back itches form a sunburn?
I put aloe on it and I don't have calamine lotion.
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I did use Soothacaine earlier it lasted only a little while though.

I would have a sunbourn if I ...

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My brother is a Christian & is ...

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 HElp!! my hand is burning!!!?
i was heating up leftover coffee and i think i put the timer on too long cause when i tried to grab my cup, explosion happened and now my right hand is burning!!! i have it in cold water but i still ...

 How do i remove metal particle in eye?
I was cutting metal the other day and a particle of metal got into my eye and is irritating it. we tryed to flush it and it wouldnt move. any tips? ...

I have a rose thorn stuck deep in my finger and it won't come out HELP ME!?

soak in HOT water until you finger is like wrinkly, then it will be able to come out with tweezers/

Umm...def. stop typing! Than go to the ER you could get a horrible infection in a deep wound.....

first i would try using tweezers. You could also try soaking it in warm warm water sometimes that will work to. Another thing you could try is take nail clippers and try to cut a little skin so the rose thorn is closer to the surface, then use tweezers. well i hope you get that thorn out! hope i helped.

Haley D
I'd go to the doctor if I were you.

What i would do, and listen very closely:

call the doctor and ask for his opinion

umm. i'm sorry, but I can't help. if u can't get a tweazer to get it out, then i'm stuck. go ask a doctor and quickly before it get's infected or something.

The Robster
It's going to keep hurting pretty bad unless you get it out. You should sterilize a needle first be holding it over a flame, then start digging until you get it out.

i would take a knife and slice from where the thorn is in then use a tweezer. almost like make the hole bigger where the thorn is stuck. or else go to the doctor.

Sorry to say your going to have to let it fester.In a day or two it will begin to form a puss around it ,then you can squeeze or dig it out with a needle.Once it is out wash with warm soapy water and you'll be fine .Thorns always do this to me.Once it took a whole 5 days for the goofy thing to fester and pop out.

owww. thats happened to me before.. use tweezers or but anti bacteria stuff on it to keep it from getting infected! owww. i hope this helped!!

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