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I feel like I am going to puke what should I do?

if you havent puked yet go stare at a toilet bowl for a little while that should get you going puke it off.....

Eat a banana. It won't stop you from puking, but it tastes the same coming back up as it does going down.

run to the washroom

got any carbonated drinks?

Ginger ale is really good for calming the stomach.
also try sweet tea

rxqueen♥ †
Puke. Your body wants to get rid of something. You will feel so much better afterwards. Its better than keeping it in your body.

Dude you better get offline and into the bathroom

Try milk if the carbonated soft drinks don't work. Soda crackers work really well also. After a night of drinking when I was younger, the best hangover cure I ever found was Diet Coke and french fries.

puke. If not that, drink lots of water, rest, maybe take pebto bismol, and eat something.

Think of swirling peas.

stick your finger in your throat and get it over with.....and then you will feel better

its better if u do , u'll feel better after. i am serious, just dont abuse it, only do it when u feel sick.

find a toilet and let it go!

puke, you'll feel better.

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