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there are these two spiders named Gerard and Helena [[ freddie died *SOB* ]]

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 What should a first aid kit include?

 Is it considered cutting if...?
you dont bleed...
like... you use a sharp object and runs it across ur skin... it leaves a mark, but it doesnt bleed.
Is that still considered cutting?...

 My lip was swollen when i got up this morning.do i reduce the swelling with hot water or ice cubes?

 Babysitting first aid?
what is being first aid certified...i know what to do with a cut or burn...or if it is serious, call 911.
but is there more. i recently asked a ? on babysitting fliers, and someone said ...

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Anyone ever heard of ...

 Why are my toes red and puffy?
I have ingrown toenails and they have become worse. The sides of my toes are red, puffy and bleed after a long shift at work....

 How can I stop caring about what other people think?

I cut my mole open with my fingernail on accident when I got out of the shower..should I be concerned??

keep it out of the sun until it heals.

Don't let it get infected. I accidentally shaved one completely off almost three years ago, and it never did come back. I don't recommend the process though.

no, just keep it clean and dry until the scab falls off.

No just keep it clean so you don't get an infection.

Kate S
No just treat it like a small cut- keep it clean and if it is bleeding cover with a bandage and in a few days it will be almost completely healed.

you did't say where the mole was, but you should keep the area clean and dry. monitor it to make sure it does't start to drain- slear drainge is ok watch for signs and aymptoms of infection: reddness, swelling, heat, drainage,pain. take care of it and see your MD if needed. good luck!

Only if you are still bleeding.

You ought to get any moles looked at by a doctor. Blessings.

My husband has a large mole on his face & he cuts it every now & then. Just make sure to clean it off well & stop the bleeding & you should be fine.

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