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This is so gross. Thanks for helping....

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I accidentally got a bit of liquid bleach on my tongue.?
I was cleaning & accidentally licked my finger, now it is awful, I keep spitting, but what can I do????????????

don't hate me cuz u anit me!
go straight away to a doctor dont swallow you can get deathly sick!!

insomnia c
Rinse your mouth out with lots and lots of water. Fortunately tongues usually heal very quickly.If you swallowed some ring a doctor.

Just keep rinsing and spitting it out....it won't kill you.

It's just like the water in a swimming pool and even tap water that is treated with chlorine, that is what bleach is.

So that small an amount won't hurt you.

If it is accidentally swallowed, follow the instructions on the product label, which indicates to call the poison control center or a doctor for treatment.
As you didn't really swallow it, the main risk is your tongue. Rinse with plenty of water.

Hannah C
call the number on the back of the bottle...they will tell you what to do and how to do it

youll probably die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no joking, just rinse your mouth as long as it wasnt a cupfull youll just have an odd taste in mouth for a short while

iknilb 068
rinse with water a lot
no big deal...

Follow the directions on the bottle of bleach for poison. If not keep rinsing your mouth mouth with water for 15 minuets or call the doctor

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