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I've got a canker sore in my mouth and it won't heal?
I've had it for about a week and it still won't get any better. Does anyone have any advise on what I can do to speed the healing up?

I am an export on canker sores. I get them ALL the time. My Dentist told me the only way to get rid of a canker sore is to bother it. He suggested brushing it with your toothbrush, sticking your tongue in it.. seriously. He said the more you disrupt it the faster it will leave. It hurts at first but it does work. (No Lie!)

Cancer sores usually last more than a week. Try not to eat any carbs or sweets. Also, avoid soda beverages and ice tea (nestea). There's no medications for cancer sores (I'm sure) but some doctors say to take Aspirin (from research). Hope this helps.

I think they have canker sore medications at your local Wallgreens or Walmart. However, I had a friend that used alum (it is a powder found in your grocery market spice section) and put that on to dry it up. It seemed to work quite well, but I think it did burn a bit.

try eating yogurt for a couple of days and stay away from acidic foods and juices such as o.j, tomatoes, oranges, spicy foods etc

eeww i know! wash your mouth with luke warm salt water, beleive me, it works!

water and salt baby thats how they used to do it..plus do you really want to spend money on products, when u have everything at ur fingertips right now?

Miami Lilly
I used to get them alot when I had braces until I read an article in Prevention magazine...the vitamin L-Lysine helps them go away faster, and prevents you from getting new ones.

Even doctors agree with placing wet black tea bags on canker sores to ease pain. An Astringent called tannin is contained within the tea, which reduces discomfort.

Avoid sweets and acidic foods and remember they take about 7 days to go away.

You can rinse your mouth with either milk Of Magnesia or Maalox. Use about 1 or 2 teaspoonfuls and swish and spit. Make sure you spit it out or you will get some unwanted affects from the medication. Do this a couple times a day and your sore will be gone in no time.

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