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I'm 6 ft tall and weigh 177 and am female. is that ok?
whats the ideal weight for a six foot tall female?
just wondering :)

i thinks thats normal. im 5 feet 8 and im 120... i think ur normal

That's fine.I bet people asked you to be on the basketball team.If your family is tall,then you got their genes by being tall too.I'm 5'8" and I feel short,but heck I'm kinda pudgy too,so that makes it up,I guess.

Making sure your weight and height are proportional is a very important thing. I really don't know, but what you need to do is check your BMI (body mass index), which is quite simply an input of your height and weight, and it tells you whether or not your weight is in normal limits. Having a high BMI simply means you are overweight and having a low BMI simply means you are underweight: it does NOT mean you are obese or malnourished. Obese and overweight are two different meanings, while underweight and malnourished are as well.

as long as you are healty it really dosent matter.

yes, i am also tall for my age, and im the master of basketball and working on volleyball, there's benefits to being tall. however, some guys get freaked out if a girl is taller than then, so you might want to pick a tall guy.

ur fine... youre a tall one.

wow your tall you should be a model :]. i'm only 5'8 makes me feel short :[ lol. but ya i think thats fine cuz you are tall. oh ya i only weigh 132 lbs.

You're fine, miss.

The Animal Psychiatrist♬♪
I am 6 feet tall and female and if I weighed that little I would be completely happy with myself

sounds alright to me

That sounds pretty good to me.

I'd think you are within normal range..
generally, you give 100 lbs for females 5ft..then add 5 lbs for every inch...

at 6ft, that'd come out to 160 lbs..give or take 20 lbs and you are within normal range..

so below 180 would be ok..

but realistically, in america (well only in america lol) would be considered thin even...

my wife is 5'4" and 106 lbs now..used to hover between 98 and 102...

she used feel fat when she was 102...of course here in US, she's considered super skinny...but in her own country, she's not...

As the old saying goes beauty is in the eye of beholder...what's important is that you are healthy...

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