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I'm 13 and having a hard time getting sleep. How can I go to sleep without taking any medicines?

Read the Old Testament when you go to bed...you will be asleep within minutes.

You have to destress hunnie. At your age there is a lot going on in your life with family, school, activites, ect. You have to learn to do something to wind down. I also have trouble sleeping at night, but I try to clear my mind and envision myself in another space. When you lay down imagine what you would do if you won the lottory, or traveling on your dream vacation or, getting into college or what your going to do after college. After your mind relaxes you'll be sleep before you know it.

try Chamomile tea

You could try one of the following:
-call a friend if its not too late at night and talk about random things to clear your mind
-read a book/write in a journal
-try some music to keep your mind somewhat occupied but not stressed
-excircse to help work off excess energy before going to sleep
-try meditation or yoga, again, to clear your mind

Count some sheep.

okay if u ar going to sleep 4 exa : at 7 or 8 then take a shower and drink milk

and i challange u if u didnt sleep then slap me at my face lol

I have had many many problems going to sleep through out my life. The best solution that I have discovered was meditation sleep exercise. At first it didn't seem to help much, but once I used it for a few weeks straight it started to work like a charm. I can usually fall asleep within five to ten minutes now. It takes discipline and patience to start, but it made all the difference in the world for me. I use an exercise from John Maguire called "Vanishing Points"

Actually if you would like, I can try to send a few to you. Just let me know if youre interested and we can figure something out.

just lie down and watch TV.

yeah they have certain good teas to treat u,
one of them is sleep time

Dr Dee
Try to do something really boring before that, which would make you goto sleep.

Write down all your problems and anxieties on a paper before you sleep. It'll release all the pressure on you, so you can sleep better.

Don't take any medicine to fall asleep. Try reading a book or a magazine. Don't get on the computer though.

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