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kathy k
How to remove fish bone from humans througt?

Go to the ER
They use a endoscope to remove it.

You need to see an ear nose and throat doctor who can remove it without cause more damage. call asap

swallow a riceball or go to a doctor

you have to eat hot white rice understand.................................

kim s
emergancy room, if you try to swallow it you are taking the risk of it getting stuck somewhere else along your digestive system, and if it punctures something, or wedges itself in deeper in ur throat ur up **** creek hun......go to the emergancy room!

double barrel 20gauge. make sure it is one with two triggers!!! stick it to the back of their throat and have them look straight up so you are aiming down the throat. pull both triggers and voila!! fishbones unstuck.

Quit reading this and go to the EMERGENCY ROOM!

See a doctor!! Your major veins and arteries run to close to your larynx to take a chance. Also, you might damage your voice box. Be careful.

Wayne D
I work in an emergency department and we often see individuals with objects, such as fish bones, stuck in their throats. The treatment varies, depending upon the doctor who is attending, but the best that I have seen is when we have the patient drink a large amount of carbonated beverages (Sprite seems to work good) and eat a lot of bread. The bubbling action of the carbonated beverage helps to work the object loose and the bread expands when wet and is abrasive…it literally scrapes the sides of your throat as you swallow it. This often (not always) works and gets the item out of your throat. Most of the time the bone will be soften by the acid in the stomach and will pass freely after that. However, some cases are stickier than others and will have to be seen by a doctor. Occasionally we give medications that relax the muscles of the throat and then the person can swallow something and dislodge the object themselves. Or, we may have to use scopes and forceps to try and remove it. I have been working in emergency departments for 6 years and only twice have I seen a fish bone that we were not able to remove and had to call in an ear, nose, throat specialist.

Beware that if something has been stuck in your throat you may not recognize it when it has become dislodged. If it irritated the tissues (cut or scraped you) you might be feeling the area of irritation and not the object itself (as it is now in your belly). Also, please beware that some things that become stuck in the throat are a medical emergency, depending on the object, its size, and its location. Button batteries (watch batteries) can be horrible if the get stuck in the throat and must be removed immediately. If the object interferes with swallowing, speaking, or breathing you should go to the emergency department immediately. If you have any concerns, you should see your doctor.

Use long pair of pasta noodle holders and hope for the best...

Shannon V
dpending on where it is in the throat you need to go to an acute care center/er and have a doctor remove it.

It depends on how much it has pierced the throat.We eat a lot of corn bread and it will usually do the job.May need to go to the emergency room.

Mr. Engineer
I would be careful. If it is splintered into your throat, I would go to the ER. Otherwise, do what jennifersuem said. eat some bread

It would be best to make a quick trip the ER and get them to take a look at it. They can usually tell right away if is there and stuck, and will be able to remove it if necessary. Do not be afraid to get it looked at- it will be easy for them to see, and better to get it looked at and dealt with if needed. You dont want to take a chance if it is lodged in there.

I would suggest trying to eat or drink something to wash it down.
Try it a few times and if it doesn't work, try again later.

Eating a piece of bread SHOULD / MIGHT dislodge the fish bone from a persons THROAT!!!

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